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Introducing Meladolcevita

Meet Meladolcevita

Meladolcevita? Mela what, I hear you thinking now.... Well, it is with great love and pleasure that I introduce you to a beautiful young lady Melanie Jennes. Melanie has the wonderful Instagram account @meladolcevita where she has been creating beautiful recipes for some time now. My eye immediately fell on her account and now Melanie is working as a freelancer for Steviala with our delicious sugar substitutes! I also welcome Melanie as a guest blogger on our Steviala webshop! In addition, she helps to make sure you can enjoy delicious sugarfree recipes. Thank you dear Melanie!

Who is Melanie?

Melanie is a true lover of la dolce vita, so Meladolcevita! She started her keto journey almost two years ago. By then she had already lost 8 pounds since she began a low-carb lifestyle. After 6 months, she was finally able to break that plateau with keto or low-carb eating. For inspiration, she started her beautiful Instagram page where she shares her most delicious creations with other keto lovers. Meanwhile, the scale is already at minus 20 kilos and she does not sit still in the kitchen inventing delicious dishes. And this includes our delicious Steviala sugar substitutes! In addition, I am sure Melanie will continue to cook many delicious dishes and inspire others in the future.

Sugar free recipes

Curious about delicious sugarfree recipes by Meladolcevita? Then check out her Instagram account or take a look at our sugarfree recipes! Among other things, Melanie made these delicious low-carb 1 minute chocolate chip cookies or how about this sugar-free lemon curd cheesecake?