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Steviala is the address for sugar free products. From high-quality natural sugar substitutes without a bitter aftertaste to sugar free chocolate. Or how about syrup substitutes and sauces without sweeteners? Add a squeeze of Steviala Supreme Strawberry sugar free strawberry syrup to your bowl of yoghurt. Or pour the Oh' Choc! sugar free chocolate spread over a stack of pancakes. With the products of Steviala, all is possible! We offer 100% natural sugar substitutes and products that enable you to live a healthy life. And that without you having to give up everything. On our website, you will find the tastiest sugar free products, recipes and more interesting background information. Everything for a healthy and responsible lifestyle!

Sugar free products

On our webshop, you will find an extensive range of sugar free products from our own brand Steviala. Our products contain only natural sweeteners. You will never find artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, on the ingredient list of our products.

Our range is large and varies from sugar substitutes and chocolate based on steviol glycosides and/or erythritol, sugar free chocolate spread and now also syrups without sweeteners. And all of that is with sweetners from natural orgin. This makes our products suitable for daily use.

Those who like to be in the kitchen can indulge themselves with the various natural and low carb baking agents. We also offer almond flour and coconut flour. With this you can bake the tastiest low-carbohydrate recipes. Curious about recipe inspiration? Check out our sugar free recipe page!

The benefits of stevia

Why should you choose stevia based sugar substitutes? Stevia is a small shrub-like plant from which stevioside and steviol glycosides can be obtained from the leaves. This substance is more than 300 times as sweet as sugar. The advantage of stevia is that the chemical structure is stable. The structure remains unchanged at high temperatures. In addition, stevia contains no or very few calories. It also does not cause tooth decay. This makes stevia a healthy alternative to sugar, also for diabetics, children and people who want to watch their weight. When you choose Steviala, you choose stevia products without a crazy aftertaste!

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Sweet without sweeteners

In addition to our products based on stevia and/or erythritol, Steviala also offers syrups/sauces without sweeteners. Sweet without sweeteners! This is unique in Europe. Steviala is the first European producer to offer this type of syrup since 12/2021. Do you prefer the Steviala Heavenly Dark, a sugar free butter-caramel syrup, or do you prefer a fruity syrup such as the Steviala Supreme Strawberry? Both without sweeteners. How is that possible? These new syrups are sweetened with fructo-oligosaccharides. These are fermentable dietary fibres. These are also known as prebiotics. These fibers are not absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, these natural dietary fibres have no influence on the blood sugar level. This makes our new sugar free syrups ideal for people with diabetes, children and those watching their sugars. But actually for everyone, because our sugar free syrups simply taste delicious!

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