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Supreme Strawberry

654,3 kJ en 162,2 kcal / 100 g
0,1 g / 100 g
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g / 100 g
5,2 g / 100 g
of which sugars
5,1 g / 100 g
70,1 g / 100 g
0,2 g / 100 g
0 g / 100 g


Fructo-oligosaccharides, strawberry puree, elderberry extract, lemon juice concentrate, natural strawberry flavor with other natural flavors, strawberry juice concentrate, preservative: potassium sorbate



Naturally occurring sugars

This product contains naturally occurring sugars.


420 gram

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Strawberry syrup without added sugars

Steviala proudly presents the replacement for the Sweet Pink sugar free strawberry syrup. Meet the Steviala Supreme Strawberry! So much tastier than the Sweet Pink! Supreme Strawberry strawberry syrup substitute contains no added sugars or sweeteners. This syrup does contain naturally occurring sugars, namely 5.1 grams of sugars from fibre and fruit. This sauce really tastes and smells like strawberries. It is the first fruit syrup in a series of new Steviala syrups and sauces. So it is not a sugar free strawberry sauce, because the sauce contains more than 30% fruit content. And of that 30%, no less than 24.8% comes from pureed strawberries. In short, Strawberry Heaven in a bottle! Compare that with the fruit content of other strawberry sauces that contain more sugars or a strawberry aroma! This makes the strawberry sauce super tasty and full of flavour.

Steviala Supreme Strawberry can be used in many different ways. Add to a bowl of Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese. Add some extra fresh strawberries. So, your breakfast is ready to serve! This way you always start your morning with a smile. You can also use this strawberry sauce in baking dishes. What is your preference now? Supreme Strawberry or the Sweet Pink sugar free strawberry sauce?

Sweet without sweeteners or added sugars

The latest Steviala syrups and sauces have a sweet taste. And yet without sweeteners! How is that possible? The new syrup substitutes and sauces from Steviala contain fructo-oligosaccharides. This is a fibre found in certain fruits and vegetables, such as bananas or onions. Fructo-oligosaccharides are also called a prebiotic. They are not digested by the body, but by the bacteria in the large intestine. Steviala is the first European producer to offer this kind of next-level sauces on the market. This strawberry syrup is deliciously sweet, but not a sugar-free strawberry sauce like our Sweet Pink. Because a sugar-free strawberry syrup with 30% fruit, that simply does not exist! Fruit contains naturally occurring sugars. But sweet without sweeteners or added sugars! We know what to choose, do you?

Strawberry sauce without added sugars and sweeteners: enjoy for everyone

Everyone can enjoy this strawberry syrup. Young, old, or people who want to limit their sugar intake. Just think of a low-carb diet. We cannot speak of a sugar free strawberry sauce, because it contains naturally occurring sugars. A strawberry sauce without added sugars and sweeteners. Sweet without added sugars and sweeteners, that's fun for everyone!

The Supreme Strawberry is unfortunately not a sugar free strawberry syrup because it contains 5.1 grams of sugars per 100 grams from fruit and fibres. In addition, the Supreme Strawberry also only contains 5.2 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. This strawberry syrup is also gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose-free. So almost everyone can really enjoy this delicious strawberry sauce! For example, get started with this delicious sugar free strawberry tiramisu. Or how about this low carb strawberry swirl cheesecake? Take a quick look at our recipes for more goodies! What are you going to bake? We are very curious!

Our strawberry sauce is sold in a handy 420 gram resealable squeeze bottle. Store the strawberry syrup in a dry and cool place. That way you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Now available in the Steviala webshop!

What our customers say

  • Lekkere suikervrije aardbeiensiroop.

    Written by Ira on 14-03-2024
    Ik heb reeds verschillende merken uitgeprobeerd en deze aardbeiensiroop vind ik veruit de lekkerste. De smaak is ‘echter’ dan bij andere merken, die vaak een ‘chemische’ (na-) smaak hebben.
  • Lekkere suikervrije aardbeiensiroop.

    Written by Ira on 14-03-2024
    Ik heb reeds verschillende merken uitgeprobeerd en deze aardbeiensiroop vind ik veruit de lekkerste. De smaak is ‘echter’ dan bij andere merken, die vaak een ‘chemische’ (na-) smaak hebben.
  • Ongekend lekker

    Written by Eva Bomhof on 14-03-2024
    Het was even niet leverbaar. Nergens. Bijna dagelijks heb ik gecheckt of het er weer zou zijn. En nu direct 3 flessen gehaald!! Ik gebruik het als jam op mn boterham. Heel erg lekker!!
  • Zo lekker!

    Written by Ali Wiebing on 14-03-2024
    Een heerlijk sausje voor door de yoghurt of over ijs. Ook lekker op de pannenkoek.
  • Lekker

    Written by Sara on 27-11-2023
    Super lekkere toevoeging aan de yoghurt
  • Heerlijk

    Written by Mieke on 1-09-2023
    Dit is zo lekker, in de kwark, yoghurt of op het ijs?
    Ben er fan van, dit is zo genieten.
  • Heerlijk van smaak

    Written by Jannette Wolterink on 21-08-2023
    Gebruik het dagelijks bij het ontbijt
  • Heerlijk fris met een duidelijke aardbeiensmaak

    Written by Angenie Zijlmans on 10-08-2023
    Zoal ik hierboven al zei ik ben fan het is zo lekker en kan overal op en in.en smaakt heerlijk fris en zoet, en er zit geen suiker in wat wil je nog meer?

  • Heerlijk

    Written by Henny Den Boer on 8-08-2023
    Echt de smaak van aardbei
  • Voortreffelijke saus !

    Written by Brigitte Castel on 24-07-2023
    Heerlijke aardbeien saus smaakt naar echte aardbeien e! Niet te vervangen door wat dan ook !