Steviala Sweet powder

Steviala Sweet powder

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Sweeteners Steviol glycosides of which 80% Rebaudioside A 98% and 20% other Steviol glycosides.




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Steviala Sweet powder, the favourite sweetener in a sugar free diet!

Steviala Sweet powder, a delicious and healthy sweetener for people who have to eat sugar free, such as those with diabetes or simply people who want to lose weight. It is the perfect sugar substitute for anyone who wants to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The sweetener contains no calories, no carbohydrates and has no influence on the blood sugar levels, so you will not experience a sugar dip.

This sweetener is ideal for sweetening all kinds of hot and cold dishes, such as cakes, pies, waffles and cookies. Steviala Sweet remains stable up to 200 degrees celsius. So you can also bake with it! But it can also give your yoghurt and smoothies a nice and sweet taste.

100% natural sugar substitute

Steviala Sweet powder contains stevia, a pure sweetener obtained from the stevia plant. Steviala Sweet is a sweet powder based on steviol glycosides. For the connoisseurs: Steviala Sweet powder contains 80% Rebaudioside 98% and 20% other steviol glycosides. This means that 100% of this sweetener is made from the stevia leaves. 80% of it comes from the sweetest part of the stevia leaves. It is good to know that this sweetener does not have a bitter aftertaste, as other sugar substitutes sometimes have. In addition, no unhealthy bulking agents have been added, as is sometimes the case with some sugar substitutes.

Safe for young and old

This sweetener based on steviol glycosides is 100% of natural origin. It can be safely used by diabetics, people on a low carb diet and anyone who wants to lose weight. Due to its natural origin, this sweetener is even suitable for children. Extra advantage: it does not cause tooth decay, as regular sugar does of course. Delicious and healthy snacking for young and old! Pay attention to the acceptable daily intake or ADI. This is 4 mg of pure stevia powder per kilogram of body weight per day.

Steviala Sweet powder is 100 times sweeter than sugar

Steviala Sweet powder comes in a handy 50 gram package. Because the sweetener is no less than 100 times sweeter than regular sugar, you can use this for a while. You only need very little to give your dishes a nice sweet taste.

Order Steviala Sweet powder in our webshop. The tasty and healthy alternative to sugar! Prefer a less sweet stevia powder? Then take a look at our range of other stevia powders. Perhaps you would rather buy Steviala Plus sweet powder?

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