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Enrich your desserts, pastries and drinks with Steviala powder

Do you enjoy hot drinks and dishes with a sweet taste, but do you want to limit the use of sugar as much as possible? Then Steviala powder is a perfect choice. This sweetener of natural origin contains no calories and therefore fits very well in a sugar free lifestyle. Steviala powder is popular for those who eat food that is low sugar. They can still occasionally enjoy sweets without ingesting a huge amount of calories or sugars. Moreover, you only need a little of this sweetener. So very economical to use! Great fun for everyone who wants it!

Stevia sweetener powder

What exactly is Steviala powder? Steviala is the brand name and the powder refers to sweetener from Stevia in powder form. Although many people often speak of Stevia powder, this is not correct. Stevia is the name of the pure Stevia plant. Sweetener from Stevia powder has a white color. Ground Stevia leaves have a green color. But green Stevia powder or plain ground leaves are still not allowed in Europe as a food. Only sweetener from Stevia, or in other words, steviolglycosides, extracted from the Stevia leaf may be used in some foods. Europe is extremely strict about this legislation.

Sweetener from Stevia: Naturally sweet

Would you like to give desserts, pastries and drinks a sweet taste? Then Steviala powder with sweetener from Stevia is a perfect choice. With this sweetener, you give a nice sweet taste to your dishes. The Steviala powders contain only pure sweetener from Stevia, also known as steviolglycosides. By pure we mean without other additives. So only the sweet components extracted from the Stevia plant. Our sweetener from Stevia does not contain, as mentioned above, the Stevia plant itself, but the sweetener steviolglycosides.

The Steviala powders are made on the basis of steviolglycosides and this sweetener is sweet by nature. And they also contain no artificial sweeteners. In addition, this sweetener is also sugar free with 0 calories. Because Steviolglycosides is a sweetener that has no influence on the blood sugar level, you will not get any fluctuations in the blood sugar level. So great fun for young and old! However, you must take into account the ADI of 4 mg/kg/day.

Suitable for baking

Did you know that Steviala sweetener powder is also suitable for baking? The powder is heat resistant up to 200°C. This makes it an ideal addition to all kinds of recipes, such as cookies, pastries and cakes. In addition, this sweetener is suitable for use in desserts and for sweetening coffee or tea. Pay attention to which Steviala powder you are going to use and what the sweetening power is compared to regular sugar. Our powdered sweeteners all have a higher sweetening power, so you need much less of the sweetener. This makes the powders economical to use and you can enjoy them for a long time!

Which sweetener form do you choose? And have you already felt the urge to bake something? Then take a quick look at our recipes! There is something delicious for everyone! What are you going to make? We are very curious! Or would you rather try our sugar substitutes?

Steviala powder in two variants

We have two types of powder with sweetener from Stevia in our range. Steviala Sweet powder (>80% steviol glycosides) is 100 times sweeter than sugar. The Steviala Star powder (Rebaudioside A 98%) is even 470 to 480 times sweeter than sugar. Just a little bit of sweetener is enough to give drinks and dishes a nice sweet taste. And did you know that you can also bake with this sugar substitute? Even if you only need a very small amount. That is why we also have table top sugar substitutes in combination with Erythritol. They are easier to use when baking. So be very economical in use with this sweetener powder!

Note: some brands of sweetener sold in supermarkets have added fillers and sweeteners that contain carbohydrates. Not every sweetener from Stevia is therefore low in calories or without carbohydrates. However, our powders with sweetener from Stevia are. We would know what to choose! and you too? Very curious!