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Steviala syrup

Do you also like syrup? Are you disappointed that this product does not really fit in a low sugar diet? Then the sugar free syrup from Steviala is really something for you! We sweetened these syrups with sweetener from Stevia, also known as Steviolglycosides from Stevia. Furthermore, the Sweet Bee and Sweet Maple also contain no sugars and very minimal calories. In addition, we also sweetened this sugar free syrup with Erythritol.

Low calorie Steviala syrup substitutes

Steviala syrup substitutes fit perfectly in a low sugar or sugar free lifestyle. Except for our Sweet & Vanilla. That's not sugar free syrup. Although it has less carbs. The honey substitute and Maple are sugar free syrups. This last low calorie Steviala syrup contains 0% sugars. And sweetener from Stevia is naturally sweet. Because we sweetened these syrups with steviolglycosides from Stevia. Syrup with sweetener from Stevia! In addition, we also sweetened the syrups with Erythritol. And on top of that, the syrup contains 0% sugars. But the Sweet Bee and Maple syrup still contain carbohydrates? How is that possible? This is due to the addition of the sweetener Erythritol. Erythritol is an intensive sweetener, also known as a polyol.

Net carbs

Although it has no influence on the blood sugar level for me, people consider Erythritol as a carbohydrate. That's why you sometimes hear people talk about net carbs. Especially when following a low carb diet. Because Erythritol is a polyol that has no calorie value but does contain carbohydrates. Unlike the other polyols, your body largely absorbs Erythritol in the large intestine. Your body then almost completely excretes it through the urine. Understanding who can understand, because this is sometimes difficult to explain. So "net carbs" are those carbs that are left over after you reduce the total number of carbs with the carbs that your body does not absorb. With Erythritol, the number of carbohydrates is usually equal to the number of polyols.

Syrup substitute

We can think of plenty of applications for our delicious syrup substitute. Everyone now enjoys Steviala syrup on pancakes. But you can also sweeten fruit, waffles, yoghurt, smoothies and even ice cream. We sweetened our Steviala syrups with steviolglycosides, the sweet substance in the Stevia plant. Did you know that in Europe it is still forbidden to process the pure Stevia plant in food? But not the Steviolglycosides from Stevia. You can, however, make tea from the Stevia leaves.

Gluten free syrup based on stevia sweetener

An additional advantage is that most of our syrups are also gluten free. So from now on you can also enjoy gluten free syrup on pancakes or waffles. Do you have the syrup substitute in Maple flavor or do you choose our Steviala Sweet Bee sugar free honey substitute? Or how about our very latest syrup substitutes without sweeteners? Or would you rather choose Steviala syrup, namely syrup sweetened with sweetener from Stevia? The choice is yours! And have you already started craving sugar free recipes with one of our syrups? We certainly do! So don't wait any longer and get started quickly with our recipes. Do you prefer waffles? Or rather cake? Let us know on social media! We are very curious what it will be!