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Low sugar dark chocolate spread

New at Steviala: low sugar dark choco spread with only 4.9 grams of sugars per 100 grams! Do you follow a low sugar or low carb lifestyle and do you sometimes miss a delicious (gluten free) sandwich with chocolate spread? Then don't worry anymore! With the new Steviala Oh' Choc! you can enjoy a sandwich with a low sugar dark chocolate flavour spread! A delicious chocolate flavour spread, sweetened with sweetener of natural origin. And it also contains a lot less carbohydrates compared to other dark chocolate spreads. Low in carbs and low in sugar!

90% less sugars

In addition, this low sugar dark choco spread contains almost 90% less sugars. This chocolate flavour spread is sweetened with steviol glycosides, the sweet substance extracted from the stevia plant. Because the Oh'Choc! contains 4.9 grams of sugars, it is not sugar free but low in sugar. You can use the Steviala Oh' Choc! for so much dishes. For example, the Steviala chocolate flavour spread is sweetened with stevia sweetener of natural origin. So naturally sweet! For example, delicious on a cracker or as a dip for fresh fruit. And you can even bake with it! How about this Heavenly Oh' Choc! Cheesecake? Or take a look at our other sugar free recipes!

The best of the Steviala Oh' Choc! low sugar dark choco spread? A choco spread, topping and sauce in 1 jar! Place the choco spread in the refrigerator for a more solid structure or at room temperature for a liquid low sugar chocolate taste! Or would you prefer a hot choco sauce? Then put it in the microwave for a while! Delicious over pancakes, poffertjes or waffles! The optimum storage temperature to enjoy the longest is between 12 and 18°C.

Choco spread with stevia sweetener

The Oh'Choc! contains no artificial sweeteners or polyols. In addition, it is also high in fibre due to the addition of inulin. And this chocolate flavour topping contains only 7.5 grams of carbohydrates. That's 1.5 grams of carbohydrates per 20 gram serving. Compare this with the other chocolate spreads that can be found in many supermarkets. Here you will even come across chocolate spread with no less than 52 grams of sugars per 100 grams! The Steviala Oh' Choc! also contains no less than 91% less sugars than some other chocolate spreads. Have we already convinced you with this? And have you already started craving some choco? Order it quickly, deliciousness guaranteed!

Steviala chocolate flavour spread, suitable for any diet

Our low sugar dark choco spread is also suitable for various diets. For example, the Steviala Oh' Choc! fits into a vegetarian, high-fibre, vegan, gluten free and lactose free diet. It is also reduced in carbohydrates. Yes, you read that right, about 87% less carbohydrates compared to regular dark chocolate spread! We would know, would you? Don't wait any longer and just choose ??for our dark choco spread! Enjoy, we promise! And take a look at our recipes too!

Oh' Choc! chocolate spread

  • Disappears from our product range
  • 3 in 1: Chocospread, choco topping, and - sauce in 1 jar

Oh' Choc! Choco spread tray (12 pieces)

  • 3 in 1: Chocospread, choco topping, and - sauce in 1 jar