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Steviala chocolate

Steviala chocolate stands for enjoying chocolate with a reduced sugar content. Or we even have sugar free chocolate, namely our Dark Chocolate Chips. These contain only 0.20 grams of sugars. Moreover, our chocolate is only sweetened with sweeteners of natural origin. Namely sweetener from Stevia or steviolglycosides from Stevia. The chocolate chips also contain Erythritol as a sweetener. Unlike many other brands, our low sugar and sugar free chocolate contains no artificial sweeteners such as Maltitol. In addition, all our chocolates are also vegan, gluten free and sometimes lactose free.

Our chocolate is therefore sweetened with steviol glycosides, extracted from the Stevia plant. Steviolglycosides from Stevia are naturally sweet. In addition, our Dark Chocolate chips are dark sugar free chocolate. But our Melties are not sugar free and contain sugars from fibre, namely inulin. This chocolate is reduced in carbohydrates and sugars. So enjoy!

Sweetener from Stevia

Unlike many other brands, our Steviala chocolate with sweetener from Stevia contains no hidden artificial sweeteners such as Maltitol. Steviala chocolate is ideal as a snack. But also for decorating cakes, cookies, pastries, desserts and other delicious dishes! Especially with the Dark chocolate chips or Melties with sweetener from Stevia. We also have a choice between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. What is your favourite? And in 2023 we finally expect white chocolate! Are you also looking forward to it? We certainly do! Yay!

What do you use this Steviala chocolate for? For example, to turn a glass of warm milk into chocolate milk. Steviala Melties can also be easily melted and then baked. Or make it into a chocolate sauce! But this is also highly recommended with a sugar free chocolate fondue. For those who love chocolate anyway! You can of course also eat the chocolate chips or Melties as it is or add them to quark, yogurt, muesli,... Plenty of choice for everyone! What are you going to make? We are very curious!

Sugar free chocolate

Our Dark Chocolate chips are therefore real sugar free chocolate with only 0.20 grams of sugars per 100 grams. You can really use this for anything. These are fairly bake-proof because they also contain the sweetener Erythritol. In contrast to our other chocolate, this one will not melt during baking. But we also have melting chocolate! Is this something for you? We love it!

Would you like some inspiration to start baking? This is how you make the tastiest chocolate chip cookies with our dark chocolate chips. On our recipe blog you will find two delicious recipes for this. Which one are you going to make, this low carb 1 minute chocolate chips cookie or these sugar free Oh' Choc! chocolate chip cookies? Of course the sugar free dark chocolate chips are also delicious as a finishing touch on your cake, pie or how about these sugar free strawberry oatmeal bars? This way you can turn any recipe into a chocolate party! Or would you rather eat them like that? Everything is possible with this sugar free chocolate! Have we warmed you up yet? Then get started quickly with our recipes!

Dark chocolate based on sweetener from Stevia

The dark sugar free chocolate chips, sweetened with sweetener from Stevia, contain at least 60% cocoa. Especially for the cocoa lovers! The dark chocolate chips are made from unsweetened chocolate. Of course, we sweetened them with sweetener from Stevia. This sweetener is sweet by nature. Do you prefer milk chocolate? That is of course also possible with our milk variant! Something for everyone! What is your favourite?

Because our chocolates contain less or no sugars, they are also suitable if you want to use less sugars or none. Want to know what you can make with our Steviala chocolate based on sweetener from Stevia? What do you think of these low carb and sugar free chocolate marshmallows? Or rather something else? Then take a look at our sugar free recipes. Type chocolate in the search box and you will automatically come to delicious recipes!

White chocolate bar

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Oh' Choc! chocolate spread

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  • 3 in 1: Chocospread, choco topping, and - sauce in 1 jar

Oh' Choc! Choco spread tray (12 pieces)

  • 3 in 1: Chocospread, choco topping, and - sauce in 1 jar