Stevia chocolate

Steviala stevia chocolate, enjoy chocolate in a responsible way without the added sugars. Moreover, our stevia chocolate contains only sweeteners of natural origin like from the stevia plant. Unlike many other stevia brands, our stevia chocolate does not contain any artificial sweeteners such as maltitol. In addition, all of our chocolates are without added sugar and are gluten free.

Stevia chocolate from Steviala is ideal as a snack, but also for decorating cakes, cookies, pastries, desserts and other delicious dishes. We offer sugar free chocolate chips, a sugar free chocolate spread and sugar free chocolate Melties. The chocolate chips look like small pieces of unsweetened chocolate in drop shapes. The chocolate Melties are a bit bigger and especially meant for melting or as a snack.

How can you use these chocolate drops without added sugar? Well, make your own hot chocolate drink. But you can also easily melt the chocolate and use it while you are baking. But they are also highly recommended with sugar free chocolate fondue. Everyone who loves chocolate will also love this stevia chocolate! Of course, you can also eat the drops on their own or add them to your quark, yoghurt, granola, muesli... there are so many different ways to use this chocolate!

Dark sugar free chocolate

Our dark sugar free chocolate chips or Melties consist of 61% cocoa. Cocoa lovers will love them! These drops are made from unsweetened chocolate and sweetened with stevia sweetener.

As a result, the sugar free chocolate chips fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. Because they have little influence on blood sugar levels, they are also suitable for people with diabetes. You can make a lot of different recipes with these sugar free chocolate chips. What do you think of these low carb, sugar free chocolate marshmallows? Or do you prefer something different? Then take a look at our other sugar free recipes.