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Buy liquid sweetener drops from Stevia 

Do you want to give baking or drinks a sweet taste, but do you want to avoid refined sugars as much as possible? Then our Steviala drops based on sweetener from Stevia are ideal! Liquid sweetener drops from Stevia from Steviala are a delicious sugar substitute. And they are very versatile in use and have a delicious sweet taste! And that without the sugars. Did you know that Stevia itself is a plant? And that the sweetener extracted from that plant is called steviolglycosides? In other words, Steviolglycosides from Stevia. The Stevia plant itself is still not allowed to be processed in food in Europe. That is why we also speak of drops sweetened with sweetener from Stevia.

Without artificial sweeteners

In addition to liquid sweetener drops from Stevia, our products are also called Steviala liquid or liquid Steviala. But Steviala is our brand name. People often confuse the terms Stevia and Steviala. We do not sell the plant itself, but sugar substitutes with sweeteners from Stevia. In addition, sweetener from Stevia is a sweetener of natural origin. Because did you know that at Steviala we don't use artificial sweeteners? The drops have a nice sweet taste due to the use of steviolglycosides. This is the sweet substance from the Stevia plant or leaf. The Steviala drops do not contain the pure Stevia plant, but the sweetener steviolglycosides from Stevia. Delicious sweet enjoyment for everyone! In addition, with these drops you also choose vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.

Steviala drops for a sugar free soft drink

1 Steviala drop has the sweetening power of one gram of sugar. Use the drops to turn (sparkling) water into a delicious, sugar-free soft drink or to sweeten coffee or tea. In addition, this sugar substitute is also highly recommended for flavouring yoghurt or quark. In short, a delicious sugar substitute in various hot and cold dishes. Steviala drops are available in various flavours. The liquid sweetener drops from Stevia flavours are bottles of 30 ml or 50 ml. You can choose between many different flavours such as Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut, Banana, Raspberry or Almond. Or do you prefer Cinnamon, Coffee, Cherry, Pineapple, Strawberry or Vanilla? In addition, the liquid Stevia sweetener drops natural should not be missing. The liquid drops natural contain 120, 100 ml or 50 ml. Which flavour do you choose?

Steviala liquid sugar substitute

Add Steviala liquid sweetener in custard, quark, yoghurt or in your smoothie. Or would you rather use it to make delicious, calorie-free and sugar-free soft drinks? Also try a few drops of liquid sweetener drops from Stevia in hot drinks such as tea, cappuccino or coffee. Which flavour do you choose? Steviala liquid is really a versatile sweetener that will come in handy often. Steviala drops are ideal if you are looking for an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Just a delicious sugar substitute without a bitter aftertaste. Order the drops in many different flavours. Which flavour do you choose? Very curious!

Choosing liquid sweetener drops from Steviala as a sugar substitute means choosing 0 sugars and 0 carbohydrates. The sweetener in the Steviala drops has a natural sweet taste. The liquid sweetener drops from Stevia also have no influence on the blood sugar level. This sugar substitute therefore does not cause the well-known sugar peak after use. So everyone can enjoy this responsible sugar substitute. Whether you follow a low-sugar, low-carb or high-protein diet. With Steviala it is all possible and you choose the responsible sugar substitute!

Sugar free baking with our liquid sugar substitute

Would you like to get started with delicious sugar-free recipes in the kitchen? You can bake sugar-free with our numerous sugar-free recipes. What would you like to bake with our liquid sweetener drops from Stevia? Cookies, pancakes, waffles or donuts? Or would you prefer a delicious cappuccino with the tastiest vanilla drops? Take a look at our recipes and search for drops. You can really use the drops for anything! Hot or cold! The choice is yours! We are very curious what you will make! Let us know via social media! And don't forget to tag us! We like it very much!