Sweet drops chocolate

Sweet drops chocolate

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Purified water, sweetener steviol glycosides (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavouring.




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Stevia flavour shots with chocolate flavour

Enjoy a delicious chocolate taste without the calories? Now you can with these stevia liquid flavour shots chocolate! Add a few drops to a glass of milk to easily make a (hot) low calorie chocolate milk. Or give your coffee or cappuccino a special twist with a few stevia chocolate drops. You will absolutely enjoy it!

With its delicious sweet taste, the Steviala stevia flavour shots chocolate give an extra touch to your rice pudding, quark, smoothies or yoghurt. But you can also add them to desserts such as chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies. In addition, these liquid flavour shots chocolate stay stable when heated up to 200 degrees celsius. This makes it very suitable to bake or cook with it.

Liquid flavour shots chocolate

A drop of our liquid flavour shots chocolate is approximately equal to the sweetening power of 1 gram of sugar. You only need a few drops to get a nice sweet dish or a nice sweet drink. Steviala chocolate drops contain steviol glycosides (98%), water, natural flavour, vitamin C and glycerine. This sugar substitute does not affect your blood sugar levels and does not contain any calories. It also does not cause tooth decay. This makes the drops fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. They, therefore, have no influence on the blood sugar levels. This makes them also suitable for people with diabetes. In short, these stevia liquid flavour shots chocolate are a delicious alternative for anyone who is looking for a tasty sugar substitute!

Are you a real chocolate lover but do you also want to watch your sugar intake? Then these liquid flavour shots chocolate are definitely worth a try. Let yourself be surprised and experiment! In addition, you can easily order our liquid stevia drops online. This sugar substitute comes in a plastic dropper bottle with a capacity of 30 ml. It is resealable and easy to dose. Keep the drops cool and dry.

Are these stevia chocolate drops not for you? In addition to these chocolate flavoured drops, our online store also offers the flavours caramel, bourbon-vanilla, coconut, banana, cinnamon and coffee. For endless variations in drinks, sweets and even savoury dishes!

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  • Perfect!

    Written by Anke on 26-09-2020
    Dit zijn de perfecte druppels voor de chocolade verslaafde! Aanrader!

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