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Business / B2B

Wholesale for business customers

Are you active in sales or catering and looking for a wholesaler specialised in unique sugarfree and no added sugar products? Then look no further! Steviala has been producing the highest quality and most extensive range of sugarfree products with sweeteners from natural origin since 2011. Steviala is a producer and supplier of sugar subsitutes with only sweeteners of natural origin. We choose not to use any artificial sweeteners. 

Steviala products and sweeteners

Welcome to Steviala, specialising in sugar substitutes, chocolate, chocolate spread and numerous other products containing only sweeteners of natural origin. You can come to Steviala for all your sugar-free and no added sugar products. And without compromising on taste! Steviala is also the first producer in Europe to produce delicious syrup substitutes with no added sugar or sweeteners! Only natural occuring sugars and low in calories, glutenfree, lactosefree and vegan!

Steviala wholesale B2B

We deliver to business customers in the retail and catering sectors, among others. Many organizations, retail chains, but also importers of, for example, food supplements, slimming products or diet food know how to find the Steviala wholesale as an extremely reliable supplier in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Would you like to know more about Steviala as a wholesaler or B2B? Then don't wait any longer and contact us! Or create an account and let us know! We'll make sure this is approved and you can get started right away!

Why Steviala?
  • No minimum order costs
  • Widest range
  • Best know-how, active since 2011
  • Sugarfree and no added suagr products of the highest quality
  • No bitter aftertaste with our sugar substitutes
  • Marketing support through our Social Media
  • Samples available on request
  • Extremely helpful, customer-friendly and easily accessible