Sweeteners from Steviala: The best!

Our stevia sweeteners are a 100% natural sugar substitute. Our sweeteners are made out of steviol glycosides from the stevia plant and erythritol. Stevia, also called honey plant, is the sweetest plant in the world. Moreover, it has a delicious sweet taste. In addition, we also like to work with erythritol. This is also a natural sweetener from fruit and also has the structure of granulated sugar.

Our stevia sweeteners remain stable at high temperatures, making them very suitable for cooking and baking. There are 3 versions of our stevia sweeteners. Steviala Kristal Sweet, a granulated stevia sweetener. Steviala 2 Sweet, who has a much more finer structure. And last but not least our Steviala Kristal Sweet XTRA. This is also a granulated sweetener but much sweeter (6 times sweeter) than the previous two.

Our table-top sweeteners

Steviala Kristal Sweet is a delicious product to bake with. It is also very delicious in your cup of coffee or tea. In addition, this stevia sugar substitute is also ideal in cold desserts. For example, in your bowl of yoghurt with strawberries or a plate of waffles and pancakes. Steviala Kristal Sweet has the same structure as granulated sugar. We don't use the additions of maltodextrin (which consists of carbohydrates) and/or other chemical sweeteners.

In addition, Steviala Kristal Sweet has also 2 other variants with natural flavors: Vanilla and Cinnamon. Try them all!

The XTRA is especially recommended for baking or if you have a sweet tooth. Therefore, it is the favorite sweetener among sugar lovers. Steviala Kristal Sweet XTRA has the same structure as granulated sugar. Above all, it does not contain any additions like maltodextrin (which consists of carbohydrates) and/or other chemical sweeteners. This Steviala stevia sugar substitute is very sweet, it is 6 times sweeter than normal sugar. Therefore, it is less suitable for use in cold dishes or desserts.

And then we also have the Steviala 2 Sweet. This is a sweetener that is twice as sweet as sugar. This sweetener is more fine than Steviala Kristal Sweet (XTRA). Easy to use in cold and hot dishes!

Summarized, the Steviala stevia sugar substitutes are delicious and suitable for diabetics. But also if you want to eat sugar free, or for those who follow a low-carb diet. Moreover, it contains no bitter aftertaste. Because of the intense sweetening power, you don't need a lot of it when you are baking with it.