Are you a real sweet tooth? Of course, you can add a scoop of sugar to your coffee, tea or other hot drinks to make them nice and sweet. Delicious, but this is unfortunately not very healthy. Our stevia tablets are a healthier alternative. These have been specifically developed to sweeten hot drinks and are 100% sweetened of natural origin.

Buy stevia tablets

As we all know, too much sugar is not good for our bodies. Sugar is converted to fat and although we need certain fats, we do not need extra sugars. Especially not when it comes to granulated sugar. We can find this kind of sugar in all kinds of products such as candy, chocolate, but also in many prepacked products. When we eat too much sugar, we gain weight and not in a healthy way. Buying stevia tablets is, therefore, a healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth who would like to enjoy a sweet taste without gaining weight and becoming unhealthy.

Healthy sugar substitutes

A healthy diet contains just a little bit of sugar. If you have a real sweet tooth, then it is smart to opt for a natural sugar substitute. These taste just as good as regular sugar, but are much healthier because they contain no carbohydrates, calories of sugar. They, therefore, fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. Stevia tablets are suitable for anyone who want to limit their sugar intake, such as people who want to lose weight, want to maintain their weight or for people with diabetes. Children can also safely use this sugar substitute. Unlike traditional sweeteners or regular sugar, stevia tablets do not cause tooth carries.

100% natural stevia tablets

Our stevia tablets use the sweetener steviol glycosides, which come from the leaves of the stevia plant. Unlike sweeteners with stevia that are available in many supermarkets, our stevia tablets do not contain Maltodextrine additives. They contain a high percentage of steviol glycosides and erythritol. The advantage of our Steviala products is that you only need very little of it. The sweetening power of stevia is much greater than that of sugar and other sweeteners. In this way, our products are not only healthy and tasty but also affordable.

Our stevia tablets are available in a handy dispenser and in refill packs that contain 1000 or 2000 pieces. Use them in your coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You will absolutely enjoy it!