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Steviala powdered sugar substitute

Are you looking for a tasty powdered sugar substitute? Then choose our Steviala powdered sugar, also known as Steviala Frost! We have sweetened our powdered sugar substitute with steviolglycosides. Sweetener from Stevia extracted from the Stevia plant. So not the Stevia plant itself is processed in this powdered sugar substitute, but the steviolglycosides from Stevia in combination with Erythritol. The latter sweetener is also a sweetener that occurs naturally in, for example, melons.

But what do we like so much about our Steviala powdered sugar substitute? That is, unlike traditional powdered sugar, this sweetener contains no sugars. This sugar substitute does contain carbohydrates from polyols. Erythritol sweetener falls under this category. But this sugar substitute has no influence on the blood sugar level, so you do not suffer from the well-known sugar dips after eating. Because our bodies absorb this sweetener very quickly. We absorb it in the small intestine and the sweetener leaves the body within 24 hours via the urine. This means that Erythritol has no chance to be converted into energy.

It is important with polyols that too much use can have a laxative effect.

As sweet as regular powdered sugar

We have the perfect powdered sugar substitute with sweetener from Stevia and Erythritol. A delicious alternative to regular powdered sugar, namely Steviala Frost. This is a sugar free sweetener that is made on the basis of steviolglycosides and Erythritol. It has the same structure as regular powdered sugar, has the same sweetening power, but contains no sugars and calories. You can use Steviala Frost in many recipes where you would normally add powdered sugar. It is also used to make a nice glaze layer on cookies, cakes and pastries. Then just add a little water or milk. And then let it harden completely. Do you want to bake with sugar free products? Or just to get started with our powdered sugar substitute? Then take a quick look at our numerous and sugar free recipes.

Delicious on pastry or fruit

Powdered sugar substitute based on sweetener from Stevia is delicious as a finishing touch on cakes, pastries and cakes. Really delicious over poffertjes or pancakes. You can also use it for desserts and over fruit. And what do you think of the Dutch "oliebollen" and apple fritters with New Years Eve? These also taste even better when sprinkled with powdered sugar substitute. A layer of powdered sugar over a treat looks beautiful! And besides, it tastes great and you choose your favourite flavour!

In addition to the Steviala Frost powdered sugar substitute, you will also find other flavours. How about Steviala Frost Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lemon or Orange? Vary these delicious flavours and make the tastiest recipes with Steviala powdered sugar substitute! Almost every day a different taste is possible! Which one is your favourite?