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Steviala Frost Cinnamon

Steviala Frost Cinnamon


Sweeteners: Erythritol and Steviol Glycosides from Stevia, Natural Cinnamon Flavor.



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


250 g

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Sugarfree powdered sugar with cinnamon flavour

Steviala Frost Cinnamon is a powdered sugar substitute with cinnamon flavour. Season your baking with the Steviala Frost Cinnamon. You can use this sugarfree powdered sugar in all recipes where you would normally use regular powdered sugar. For example, how about a sugarfree glaze with cinnamon flavour on your low-carb and sugar-free cinnamon rolls? Mix a few tablespoons of Steviala Frost in Cinnamon flavor with milk or water for a delicious sugar-free glaze with cinnamon flavor. Or give a delicious finishing touch with cinnamon flavor to these sugar-free mini apple pies! Our Steviala powdered sugar substitute with cinnamon flavor is multi-purpose and turns the simplest baking into a real treat!

Sugarfree enjoyment for everyone!

The Steviala Frost Cinnamon contains the sweeteners Erythritol and Steviolglycosides from Stevia, powdered sugar substitute with cinnamon flavour. This table sweetener does not contain artificial sweeteners. In addition, it also contains no calories or sugars. The original recipe ensures that our Steviala powder is very suitable for people who want to limit their sugar intake. This Frost with Cinnamon aroma, therefore, does not cause fluctuations in the blood sugar level. Because sweetener from Stevia contains no sugars. And Erythritol sweetener also contains no sugars but carbohydrates. But this sugar substitute is very quickly absorbed by the small intestine and leaves the body within 24 hours through the urine. This includes that Erythritol has no chance to be converted into energy. This is sometimes referred to as net carbs. This means that everyone can continue to enjoy delicious cinnamon-flavoured baked goods.

Baking with Steviala Frost Cinnamon

The Cinnamon-flavored Frost is twice as sweet as regular powdered sugar. So you also take twice as long with one package of Frost Cinnamon as with regular powdered sugar. You can use the Steviala Frost Cinnamon in both hot and cold dishes. The structure of the Steviala powdered sugar substitute ensures that the sugar is suitable for baking that is not heated. By stirring well, this powdered sugar substitute with cinnamon loses its taste without lumps. Finally, the Steviala Frost Cinnamon flavour has no bitter aftertaste. Just like our other Steviala products by the way! By the way, have you ever looked at our recipes? Here you will find so many goodies with cinnamon flavour! Do you already know what you are going to make?

Steviala Frost Cinnamon can you use in these sugar free recipes

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    Written by Wilma Kleyn on 20-03-2024
    Dit gaat in al mijn recepten waar het in kan en geen kip die merkt dat er geen * echte * suiker inzit. Heerlijk !
  • Super

    Written by Ann Versyck on 11-08-2023
    Zeer goed product, de smaak komt goed terecht, heerlijk toch
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    Written by Margaret Stierman on 1-06-2023
    Alle smaken frost zijn heel goed, de frost kaneel is mijn absolute favoriet!
    Ik gebruik het regelmatig op bv de appel cupcake als topping, de kaneelsmaak komt dan goed samen met de appel. ???
  • Zo ideaal, kaneel poedersuiker heaven

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