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Erythritol 1,2 kilogram

Erythritol 1,2 kilogram


100% pure erythritol van Europese afkomst



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


1200 gram

Steviala Ery-Pure

Steviala Ery-Pure is better known as Erythritol, a sweetener of natural origin. Using Ery-Pure in sugar-free recipes as a sugar substitute? You can! This sugar substitute is suitable for baking up to 200°C and contains only carbohydrates from Erythritol. They are also sometimes called net carbohydrates. This refers to carbohydrates that are not absorbed by the body.

Erythritol sugar substitute

Erythritol sugar substitute or Steviala Ery-Pure is not genetically modified and is produced in Europe. Ery-Pure is sweet in taste. It tastes almost like sugar and has no aftertaste. However, this sugar substitute is less sweet than sugar, so you need more of it. It also does not cause tingling on the tongue. This sugar substitute fits well in a low-sugar, high-protein, or low-carb diet. Try Steviala Ery-Pure and reduce your sugar intake if desired!

Baking with Steviala Ery-Pure

Did you know that you can also bake with this sweetener or sugar substitute? And that at Steviala, we have many sugarfree recipes ready? What would you like to bake with this sweetener? We're very curious! Will it be the sugarfree cherry chocolate bonbons? Or maybe the cream-filled pastries?

We're very curious about your experiences with Steviala Ery-Pure! Post a fun post on social media and tag @steviala.

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