Stevia tablets 1000 pieces

Stevia tablets 1000 pieces

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  • Low carb
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Sweeteners steviol glycosides 98% and erythritol, tartaric acid, magnesium stearate and sodium bicarbonate.




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Pure stevia tablets to refill

Pure stevia tablets to refill, if you don't want to use unhealthy sugar in your coffee or tea. These stevia tablets 1000 pieces are ideal to refill your dispenser! You can buy these tablets from Steviala in a handy take-away dispenser or in a larger packaging. They are just as sweet as regular table sugar. They are also of natural origin and contain no carbohydrates or artificial sweeteners. As a result, these tablets fit perfectly into a low carb and healthy lifestyle.

100% natural tablets sweetened with stevia

Stevia sweetener is a good alternative for anyone who likes a sweet taste but does not want to experience the disadvantages of regular sugar. So you can still enjoy sweet drinks without having to worry about calories or blood sugar fluctuations.

Stevia tablets pure refill, to refill your dispenser

You can think of plenty of reasons why it is better to replace regular sugar with sweeteners. Our stevia tablets 1000 pieces do not negatively affect your weight if you are trying to slim down. In addition, this sugar substitute does not cause tooth decay. It also does not affect your blood sugar levels. This makes sweeteners with stevia the perfect alternative for anyone who is pursuing a healthy diet. And diabetics often opt for this sugar substitute because, unlike regular sugar, it is safe for them to use.

Healthy sugar substitute

The sweetening power of the stevia tablets 1000 pieces comes from the leaves of the stevia plant. The steviol glycosides from the leaves are processed into a sweetener. This sugar substitute is available in the form of liquid stevia, sweeteners and stevia powder. What makes Steviala products different from the sugar substitutes you can find in the supermarket? Our tablets are not supplemented with cheap chemical sweeteners such as maltodextrin, sucralose or aspartame. As a result, you only need very little of pure stevia that you can find in our webshop.

Pure tablets by Steviala

Use the stevia tablets in your tea or in other (hot) drinks. Nice and sweet without the calories! You will find various packaging in our webshop. For example, a dispenser with 200 stevia tablets, but also a package with 2000 stevia tablets. You'll get on with that for a while!

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  • het beste zoetje dat er is

    Written by kapsalon De Barbier on 2-02-2022
    bevat geen steviolglycosiden en is 98%. Kan beter als briefpost verzonden worden want past door brievenbus. Daardoor kunnen de verzendkosten ook een stuk lager zijn. Verder een prima zoetje.
  • Handig na te vullen

    Written by Eunny on 23-09-2020
    Tja als je de zoetjes dispenser hebt is de navulling natuurlijk onmisbaar.
    Handig goed afsluitbaar zakje .

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