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Steviala tablets 2000 pieces

Steviala tablets 2000 pieces


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  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • With sweetener of natural origin
  • Reduced in carbs
  • Sugar free
  • Reduced sugar content
  • Keto
  • Halal
  • Kosjer


Sweeteners: Erythritol and Steviol glycosides from Stevia, preservative: tartaric acid, thickener: magnesium stearate and raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


2000 stuks (120 g)

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Steviala tablets, 0% sugars

Do you like it sweet, but would you rather not use sugar in your coffee, tea or hot chocolate? Then Steviala tablets offer the solution! Steviala tablets taste just as sweet as regular table sugar. At the same time, they contain no sugars but Erythritol sweetener and Steviol glycosides from Stevia, tablets 2000 pieces with sweetener of natural origin. This makes them perfect for a sugar-free or low-sugar lifestyle. But also in a low-carbohydrate diet, for example. Or just without a diet, but because you feel like it! Enjoying sweet but without sugars, isn't that what everyone wants? We certainly do! You too?

Steviol glycosides from Stevia, tablets 2000 pieces with sweeteners

Sweetener from Stevia is a good alternative for anyone who likes a sweet taste, but who can't or don't want to eat regular sugar. So you can still enjoy hot sweet drinks. Without having to worry about calories or sugars. Steviala tablets contain sweetener from Stevia or Steviolglycosides from Stevia. The steviolglycosides present in Stevia leaves have a naturally sweet taste. That does not mean that the tablets are 100% natural. Because they also contain anti-clotting agent. But delicious sweet tablets without unnecessary additives. Enjoy for everyone who wants it! Have you tried our sugar-free tablets yet? You're going to love them! Really worth it! Be sure to leave a review, we really like it! Thank you in advance!

Tasty sugar substitute

The sweetening power in the tablets comes partly from the leaves of the Stevia plant. Steviol glycosides from Stevia leaves are processed into a sweetener. This is available in the form of tablets, liquid sweetener and sweetener powder. What makes Steviala products different from some other sugar substitutes is that our tablets are not supplemented with artificial sweeteners. Just think of aspartame, sucralose or asculfame-K. Our sweeteners with sweeteners from Stevia, tablets 2000 pieces, only contain sweeteners of natural origin. So great fun for everyone! What are you going to use the sweets for? Warm drinks in winter? Or a delicious sugar-free soft drink in the summer? We are very curious!

Tablets from Steviala

Use the Steviala tablets to sweeten your coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot drinks. In our webshop you will find various packaging, such as a Steviala tablets dispenser with 200 pieces (also handy in your bag for on the go!), this jar with 2000 tablets or a refill package with 1000 tablets. You can move forward with that! And do you think, like us, that we sell the tastiest sugar-free tablets? Then be sure to give us a review! We like it very much! Or tell everyone who is looking for something sweet! Thank you in advance!

What our customers say

  • Ik gebruikte altijd de suikerklontjes van Steviala, maar deze zijn uit de handel gehaald. Daarom overgestapt naar de zoetjes. Prima product.

    Written by J Stuifzand on 24-11-2023
    Prima product.
  • Lekker zoet en gezond

    Written by F.L. on 16-10-2023
    Gebruik dit al heel lang.Nog steeds tevreden.
  • Roland Rammeloo

    Written by Roland Rammeloo on 19-09-2023
  • Geweldig

    Written by Willem on 18-04-2023
    Gebruik het al jaren,een topproduct
  • goede vervanger van suiker

    Written by TORFS IVAN on 5-12-2022
    Is gemakkelijk te gebruiken , heb wel zelf een dispencer aangeschaft omdat de originele soms hapert. Ik gebruik meestal 3 tabletjes die 2 suikerklontjes moeten vervangen. Het enige nadeel is dat met de tabletjes de temperatuur van de vloeistof goed heet moet zijn.
  • aanrader!

    Written by Marjolein on 24-10-2022
    lekker zoet geen nasmaak
  • Goede service

    Written by Franciscus Ledent on 4-04-2022
    Zeer goed product.Steeds een snelle levering.
  • Ik gebruik het al jaren,goed oor mijn bloedsuikerspiegel

    Written by Willem on 28-03-2022
    Alleen positieve ervaring met steviala
  • Zoet en gezond

    Written by Wendy on 4-03-2022
    De potjes sluiten goed af zodat het lang houdbaar is. Je wordt er niet dik van en is lekker zoet. Smelt zowel in warme als koude drankjes.