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Almond flour 1 kilogram

Almond flour 1 kilogram

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  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Reduced in carbs
  • Keto
595,17 kcal / 2490,19 kJ / 100 gr
54,91 g / 100 g
of which saturated fatty acids
3,80 g / 100 g
5,77 g / 100 g
of which sugars
4,35 g / 100 g
9,90 g / 100 g
22,05 g / 100 g
47,50 mg / 100 g


100% almonds from the almond tree




1 kilogram

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Almond flour

Almond flour is well known by people following a low-carb diet. If it is still unknown to you, then it is very unfortunate. It is really a very healthy flour and a good substitute for other flour. Almond flour is really just ground almonds. You can buy them in two varieties, blanched or unblanched. With the blanched variant, the brown skin has been removed, as with our flour.

With our almondflour reduced in carbs, you can bake up to 180°C. In addition, it is also easily digestible. Almonds are also a good source of good fats and high-quality proteins, more than 20 grams of protein per 100 grams. That's as much as meat or twice as much as yoghurt! Did you know that there are different brands and qualities of almondflour on the market? Some brands contain up to 32 grams of carbohydrates, so check the packaging carefully for what you are buying.

Almond flour benefits

In addition to the benefits of good fats and numerous proteins, this flour contains many minerals such as manganese, selenium, calcium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and chromium. Almonds also contain a favourable composition of fatty acids. In addition, almonds also contain a lot of fibre.

Almondflour fits well in a low-carb or low-sugar diet. It is also easily digestible and our flour contains only 5.77 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams. This makes it perfect for a low-carb lifestyle. Try our flour now and judge for yourself!

Baking with almond flour

Did you know that it is also very easy to bake with almondflour? As described above, the recommended temperature is max. 180°C. Just like with regular wheat flour or other flour, you can bake all kinds of recipes with almond flour. For example, if you make a dish where you would normally use wheat flour, you can replace this with almond flour! Just use half more flour and extra binding agent, for example an egg. In the meantime, just like us, have you become incredibly excited to bake with almond flour? Well what are you waiting for then? Then take a quick look at our sugar-free recipes!

Almond flour 1 kilogram can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Must have

    Written by Masja on 8-05-2024
    Deze heb ik altijd in huis. Ik bak er van alles mee. Super goed
  • Lekker en geen nasmaak.

    Written by Manon Wijtman on 22-04-2024
    Heerlijk fijn meel om mee te bakken.
  • Lekker en geen nasmaak.

    Written by Manon Wijtman on 22-04-2024
    Heerlijk fijn meel om mee te bakken.
  • Lekker en fijn meel.

    Written by Manon on 21-12-2023
    Het lekkerste amandelmeel om mee te bakken.
  • Lekker en fijn meel.

    Written by Manon on 17-11-2023
    Ik vind dit het fijnste en lekkerste amandelmeel. Maakt heerlijke baksels.
  • Goede smaak!

    Written by Margaret Stierman on 6-08-2023
    Ik bak regelmatig cupcakes en gebruik dan altijd deze amandelmeel, zeer goed van smaak.

  • Fijn om mee te werken

    Written by Nancy van Bergen on 4-08-2023
    Koolhydraat gehalte is vrij goed!! Fijn om mee te werken
  • Goeie vervanger van gewone bloem, maar dikt vloeistoffen helemaal niet in.

    Written by Katharina Van Daele on 21-06-2023
    Een beetje teleurgesteld: amandelmeel dikt niet, maar kan wel rijzen met toevoeging bakpoeder, las ik in Bing AI.
  • hier kun je alles mee!

    Written by Addie Damen on 8-02-2023
    een absolute vervanger voor paneermeel, voor oa in je gehakt, een cake te bakken en om een schnitzel te paneren
  • Super kwaliteit, snelle goede levering

    Written by Desiree van Eekelen-Winters on 30-11-2022
    Altijd top! Ik maak er heerlijke baksels mee!