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Steviala Ery-Pure

Steviala Ery-Pure


100% pure erythritol of European origin



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


400 gram

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Erythritol or Ery-Pure from Steviala

You may know Steviala Ery-Pure as Erythritol, a sweetener of natural origin. Using Ery-Pure in sugar-free recipes as a sugar substitute? Absolutely! This sugar substitute is suitable for baking up to 200°C and only contains carbohydrates from Erythritol. They are also sometimes referred to as net carbs. This refers to carbohydrates that our bodies do not absorb. This sweetener is quickly absorbed by the small intestine. Our bodies then excrete it in the urine within 24 hours. This means that Erythritol has no chance to be converted into energy in your body.

This also explains why this sugar substitute is less likely to cause flatulence, bloating or other intestinal complaints compared to other polyols. However, consuming too much Erythritol at the same time can cause a laxative effect. As with everything in life, in moderation!


Steviala Ery-Pure is therefore also known as sugar alcohol or polyol. You can find it in small amounts in some fruits, mushrooms and fermented products such as wine or cheese. We produce Erythritol sweetener using enzymes from sugar beets, sugar cane or fermented grains. Erythritol sweetener occurs naturally in many fruits such as melons, pears and mushrooms. After fermentation from glucose, we dry, filter and purify it. A crystallization process creates a sugar-free product that resembles granulated sugar. The sweetening power is about 70% compared to sugar. Sugar is a lot sweeter! You will therefore need more of this sugar substitute when replacing sugar!

Erythritol sugar substitute

Erythritol sugar substitute or Steviala Ery-Pure is not genetically modified and is produced in Europe. Ery-Pure has a sweet taste. It tastes almost like sugar and has no aftertaste. This sugar substitute is less sweet than sugar, so you need more of it. It also does not cause tingling on the tongue. This sugar substitute fits perfectly in a low-sugar, high-protein or low-carb diet. Try Steviala Ery-Pure and reduce your sugar intake if desired!

Baking with Erythritol

Did you know that you can also bake with this sweetener or sugar substitute? And that we have plenty of sugar-free recipes ready at Steviala? But also gluten-free recipes? And also recipes with very few carbohydrates? Great fun for everyone! What would you like to bake with this sweetener? We are very curious! Will it be these sugar-free cherry chocolate candies? Or do you prefer these cookies? If you type your favourite sugar substitute in the search box in the recipes, plenty of choices will appear.

Whatever you're going to make, be sure to let us know! We are very curious! And have you made something of our website? Then let us know by giving a review. Or share your creation on social media with this sugar substitute Erythritol! We like it very much! You can of course always share your own creation! We are looking forward to it! You too?

What our customers say

  • Top product!

    Written by Peter on 4-03-2024
    Top product! Fijn om te gebruiken en geen vervelende bijsmaak. Ik ben fan!
  • Heerlijk

    Written by Henny Den Boer on 8-08-2023
    Goede zoetstof zonder nare bijsmaak
  • Ik ben fan

    Written by Rachel on 14-03-2023
    Wat een fijn product, goede bak ervaring mee gehad. Ik moet nog wel bekwaam worden in de juiste verhoudingen. Maar het is zeer smakelijk. Geen verschil met reguliere suiker in smaak.
  • Heerlijk product

    Written by Diana Aalbregt on 13-01-2022
    Zoals alle producten van steviala is deze Erythritol echt heerlijk. Deze Erythritol heeft totaal geen vieze of bittere nasmaak. De smaak blijft behouden maar wordt wel lekker zoet. Ga zo door Steviala ?
  • Fijne zoetstof niet te zoet

    Written by Karin Pauw on 23-09-2020
    Heerlijk op producten die je niet te zoet wilt hebben. Een rustige mooie structuur zoetstof welke je zonder knarsen kan eten op wafels of fruit. Wat minder scherpe zoetsmaak. Vind ik fijn als tafelzoetstof