Sweet drops coconut

Sweet drops coconut

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Purified water, sweetener steviol glycosides (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavor




30 ml

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Stevia coconut flavour shots

Add some of our stevia coconut flavour shots in your yoghurt and you can enjoy a delicious and sugar free breakfast with coconut flavour. The Steviala stevia drops are very versatile in use. Use the stevia drops in a smoothie, quark or milkshake. Or add a few drops to a glass of water for a delicious sugar free and refreshing coconut soft drink. In addition, you can also add a few drops of our stevia coconut drops to your dough. This way, you can make a healthy coconut cake.

Coconut is known for its sweet and mild taste and is delicious to eat or drink. A coconut flavored dessert gives a real summer feeling. Add these stevia coconut drops to give quark, yoghurt or other desserts a delicious coconut taste. It is an ideal sugar substitute that is easy to dose thanks to the handy dropper bottle.

Flavour shots with coconut flavour

You may have been looking for a good sugar substitute for some time. Well, you can stop searching now! Our stevia coconut drops are the ideal sugar substitute. They are tasty and healthy. The drops contain no sugar, so they have no influence on the blood sugar levels. This makes this product a good alternative for diabetics or people who watch their sugar. Another advantage of these sugar free drops is that it does not cause tooth carries. Therefore you can add a couple of drops to water to make your own sugar free lemonade.

The stevia coconut drops are available in a handy 30 ml dropper bottle. Store the bottle in the refrigerator after opening. In total, Steviala has more than 15 delicious flavours in our range of products. No other flavour gives a more summer feeling than coconut. In addition, the product is completely sugar free. It consists of steviol glycosides (98%), water, vitamin C, natural flavour and glycerine. These do not contain sugars or carbohydrates. In addition, the ingredients of the stevia sweetener are extracted from the South American stevia plant. The steviol glycosides provide a delicious sweet taste. The coconut drops are just as sweet as regular sugar. Nice and easy to dose: 1 drop is equal to 1 gram of sugar.

What our customers say

  • Heerlijke kokossmaak

    Written by Sandra Daniëlla on 28-12-2020
    Echt een aanrader. Je hebt heel weinig nodig om een heerlijke kokos smaak aan een lekker toetje te geven! :)
    Ik ben fan!!
  • verrassend lekker

    Written by Chrissie on 11-10-2020
    Had het niet zo verwacht toen ik het probeerde, maar deze vind ik verrassend lekker. Heeft een paar druppeltjes meer nodig dan de framboos en aardbei om echt tot zijn recht te komen, maar dan springt de heerlijke kokos-smaak ook echt naar voren. Kan het aanraden! (ik gebruik het in kefir yoghurt in combinatie met rauwe cacao-poeder en de combinatie is ongelofelijk heerlijk)
  • Klein beetje vakantie, cocoslovers

    Written by Chloë on 23-09-2020
    Ooooooh alles met cocos ben ik fan van hoor.
    Dus ja deze is 1 van mn favorietjes.
    In ijskoude en warme dranken.
    Smoothies, yoghurt, in gebak... Everything cocos I love it ?

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