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Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon

Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon


Sweeteners: Erythritol and Steviol Glycosides from Stevia, Natural Flavors.



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


250 gram

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Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon

What's even better than sugar? Cinnamon sugar of course! But unfortunately not so healthy and Steviala has the ideal solution for that! Meet one of our very latest products, Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon. A sugar substitute of natural origin with a hint of cinnamon. Our cinnamon sugar substitute is not only very tasty, but also contains no sugars. And no calories either. Perfect for anyone who wants to eat low-sugar or sugar-free.

Cinnamon sugar substitute

Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon resembles regular cinnamon sugar, but only contains carbohydrates from polyols. Namely from the sweetener Erythritol. This sweetener is quickly absorbed by the small intestine and excreted from your body in the urine within 24 hours. This means that Erythritol has no chance to be converted into energy in your body. This allows almost everyone to enjoy our delicious cinnamon sugar substitute. Use Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon, for example, when making apple pie, apple compote, over (warm) pieces of apple or to sweeten other desserts. This sugar substitute is also delicious over waffles and pancakes! Really to enjoy!

Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon contains Erythritol sweetener and sweeteners from Stevia in combination with a hint of natural cinnamon aroma. This cinnamon sugar substitute from natural origin is also free from additives such as Maltodextrin or artificial sweeteners. In addition, this sweetener has the same structure as regular cinnamon sugar and is also very easy to dose. Good to know is that the sweetening power is up to twice that of cinnamon sugar or regular sugar. So you need half less of it. 2 scoops of Steviala Kristal Cinnamon are as sweet as 4 scoops of traditional cinnamon sugar. This sugar substitute with cinnamon comes in a handy resealable pouch.

Baking with Cinnamon Sugar Substitute

Would you like to bake something delicious with the cinnamon sugar substitute from Steviala? Take a look at our recipes! Here you will find lots of recipes! Sugar-free, gluten-free or low-carb! Just think of our speculoos muffins! Or would you rather have a pie or cake? Everything is possible with this sugar substitute. We have over 300 recipes to choose from! Gluten-free, sugar-free or low-carb? You choose what to make with our cinnamon sugar substitute and have you made something? Then share it on social media or give our recipe a review. We like it a lot! Very curious what you will make with Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon!

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Steviala Kristal Sweet Cinnamon can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Ben er nog niet helemaal uit of het voor herhaling vatbaar is.

    Written by Corrie Laurens on 1-05-2024
    Hij ruik zoals je het verwacht maar op een cappuccino zakt meteen de melk in dat is wel jammer.
  • Top

    Written by Masja on 20-10-2023
    Kaneelsuiker, do I need to say more?? Dit wil je. Nee, dit is een musthave in de keuken
  • Super

    Written by Ann Versyck on 11-08-2023
    Heerlijk product, de smaak komt goed terecht, veelzijdig product, gebruik hem vooral in mijn bakbereidingen en toetjes, hemels genieten, zonder dat ik moet inboeten op mijn lekkere desserten en gebakjes
  • Ik ben fan

    Written by Lanka Gosefoort on 1-02-2023
  • Perfect gewoon

    Written by Tiffany Van Verseveld on 2-07-2022
    Heerlijk om over de warme pompoen te strooien!
  • Heerlijk product

    Written by Diana Aalbregt on 13-01-2022
    Mmm zodra je de zak open maakt ruik je al een heerlijke geur van kaneel. Het product is heerlijk. Geen vieze of bittere nasmaak. Echt perfect. Ga zo door Steviala ?
  • Heerlijke vervanger voor kaneelsuiker

    Written by Chantal de Jong on 6-06-2021
    Ik ben echt fan van dit product. Ik gebruik het om te bakken, maar ook in de kwark is het heerlijk. Zeker een aanrader om in huis te hebben.
  • Wow!

    Written by Melisa on 14-04-2021
    I added this mostly for baking whenever I need to add cinnamon, it gaves more cinnamon flavour and nice sweet taste. I recently made Churos Baked Oats, I added kristal sweet kaneel as the main ingredients as well as the toppings (by mixing it with ery bronze), it was perfect!
  • Ruikt alleen al zo lekker

    Written by Silvies keto maaltijden on 4-02-2021
    Als je deze zak openmaakt komt de heerlijke geur op je af.. Echt de geur van kaneel, niet van echt te onderscheiden
  • #geendagzondersteviala

    Written by Faat on 28-12-2020
    De smaak kristal sweet is al geweldig in mijn baksels en deze met kaneel is zo’n lekkere toevoeging aan een heerlijk gekruide (chocolade) cake of taart!