Erythritol 2 kilograms

Erythritol 2 kilograms

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  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Natural sugars
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Low carb
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84 KJ / 20 kcal
0 gr / 100 gr
0 gr / 100 gr
84 KJ / 20 kcal


Erythritol of European origin.




2 kilogram

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Erythritol 2 kilograms is a polyol. It occurs naturally in small amounts in some fruits, mushrooms and fermented products.

We produce pure erythritol using enzymes from sugar beets, fermented grains or sugar cane.

A crystallization process creates a product that resembles granulated sugar. The sweetening power of erythritol is 70% when you compare it to regular sugar.

Buying erythritol 2 kilograms is choosing a sweetener that has no effect on your blood sugar levels. This sugar substitute also contains almost no energy. This is because our bodies do not partly absorb the sweetener in the small intestine like other polyols. It largely ends up in the large intestine.

Your body also only absorbs the erythritol for 60 to 90% into the blood and then excretes it through the urine.

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  • FAN !!!

    Written by Annemarije on 1-06-2021
    Ik ben 100% FAN, het is Fabulous, Amazing en Naturel! Lekker veelzijdig en geeft je cake een super smaak zonder rotzooi!

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