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Steviala Frost Lemon

Steviala Frost Lemon


Sweeteners: Erythritol and Steviol Glycosides from Stevia, Natural Lemon Flavor.



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


250 g

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Steviala powdered sugar substitute with lemon flavour: fresh and so tasty!

After the success of the Steviala Frost, here is the Steviala Frost Lemon. This Steviala powdered sugar substitute has a fresh lemon taste. You can use the Steviala Frost Lemon to replace regular powdered sugar. Enjoy with the addition of natural lemon aroma. This Steviala powdered sugar is ideal for delicious fresh baking. For example, you can use it to make sugar-free lemon-flavored glaze, like in this low-carb lemon yogurt cake recipe. Or how about this low-carb lemon monchou pie? Due to the super fine structure of the Frost Lemon, you can use this sugar substitute in both cold and warm baking. Of course you can also use the Steviala Frost Lemon as a finishing touch on your fresh baked goods.

Enjoy without calories or sugars

Unlike regular icing sugar, our icing sugar substitute with lemon contains no calories or sugars. The sugar substitute is made from Erythritol and Steviolglycosides from Stevia, powdered sugar lemon substitute to enjoy! These two sweeteners have little or no effect on blood sugar levels. Sweetener from Stevia contains 0 calories or net carbs. Our bodies very quickly absorb Erythritol sweetener in the small intestine and it leaves the body within 24 hours via the urine. This means that Erythritol has no chance to be converted into energy. Instead of the well-known sugar dip, your energy level remains stable after consuming the Steviala Frost Lemon. So you can enjoy the tastiest baked goods with a delicious, fresh lemon taste.

Twice as sweet as regular powdered sugar

The Steviala Frost Lemon is twice as sweet as regular powdered sugar. So you need less of our Steviala icing sugar to still obtain the same sweetness of regular icing sugar. In addition, the Steviala Frost Lemon has the same structure as regular powdered sugar, but without the carbohydrates and calories. That makes this sweetener an ideal sugar substitute, especially for people who want to watch sugars and calories. Get started together with the tastiest lemon recipes with the Steviala Frost Lemon!

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Steviala Frost Lemon is now available in our webshop in a handy resealable bag of 250 grams.

Steviala Frost Lemon can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Smaakvol en fris citroen zonder te overheersen

    Written by Astrid Pas-Werner on 19-12-2023
    We hebben een diner met een luchtige citoenmousse perfect suikervrij kunnen afsluiten
  • Smaakvol en fris citroen zonder te overheersen

    Written by Astrid Pas-Werner on 19-12-2023
    We hebben een diner met een luchtige citoenmousse perfect suikervrij kunnen afsluiten
  • Lekkere smaak

    Written by Bianca Betgen on 22-01-2023
    Glazuur van gemaakt voor op een zoete cake, geeft een verrassend lekkere frisse smaak
  • fantastisch en citroen proef je echt !

    Written by Gerrieke Zwerus on 21-01-2023
    ik heb het gebruikt door een cake. smaakt echt als citroen en is echt een toevoeging aan mijn cake geweest. zeker een aanrader.
  • Overheerlijk

    Written by Virgie on 15-09-2022
    Echt een blijvertje dit, heerlijke suiker met de frisse toets van citroen en je hoeft u niet schuldig te voelen want deze suiker is geschikt voor keto levensstijl en diabetes.
  • Karin Pauw

    Written by Karin on 25-10-2021
    Heel lekker deze smaak, top ook om
    Te mengen met yoghurt en als frosting te gebruiken! Ontzettend lekker en fris van smaak! Bij vele combinaties in te zetten ????