Sweet drops caramel

Sweet drops caramel

0,00 kJ / 0 kcal / 100 ml
0 g /100 ml
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g /100 ml
0 g /100 ml
of which sugars
0 g /100 ml
0 g /100 ml
0 g /100 ml


Purified water, sweetener steviol glycosides (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavouring.



Liquid stevia drops caramel

With its sweet taste, our liquid stevia caramel drops are very suitable to sweeten rice pudding, custard, muffins, ice cream or desserts. You name it!

Caramel is a wonderfully sweet flavour that almost everyone loves. It is a sweet flavour that can be found in all kinds of delicacies. For example, add it to your cappuccino for a touch of caramel. Delicious! In addition, the liquid stevia drops caramel are very healthy and stay stable when heated, so it's time to start cooking and baking!

Steviala stevia drops with caramel flavour contain steviol glycosides, water, natural aroma, vitamin C and glycerine. Despite the sweet taste, these stevia drops contain no sugars, carbohydrates or calories. As a result, the drops have no influence on your blood sugar levels and are very suitable for people who watch their sugar intake, like diabetics and children. Unlike regular sugar, they do not cause tooth decay. Delicious and healthy for everyone!

Liquid stevia

Our stevia drops are available in different flavours. In addition to caramel, you can also enjoy our stevia drops in the flavours toffee-caramel, cherry or raspberry. The stevia caramel drops come in a practical dropper bottle.

Thanks to this bottle, you can dose the stevia drops very easily and accurately. A few drops are more than enough for a sweet taste in a recipe A drop of liquid stevia is as sweet as a gram of regular sugar. Thanks to this product, you never have to add unhealthy sugars to a dish again.

Store the stevia caramel drops in a cool and dry place.

What our customers say

  • #geendagzondersteviala

    Written by Faat (fantastiketo) on 2-04-2021
    Zo fijn dat het nu ook in grotere flesjes zit. Ik vind dit echt lekker door mijn koffie of in een vetbommetje met wat extra zout, zo krijg je de echt salty caramel smaak. ????
  • Annemarije Vroegindeweij

    Written by Ann on 8-02-2021
    Geweldig lekker deze! Super handig dat er nu ook een 100 ml is! Ik stem voor literverpakkingen
  • Ik ben fan!

    Written by Anke on 26-09-2020
    Deze heerlijke caramel smaak gebruik ik vaak in baksels. Géén bijsmaak en geen nasmaak! Een topper