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Steviala Frost Orange

Steviala Frost Orange


Sweeteners: Erythritol and Steviol Glycosides from Stevia, Natural Orange Flavor.



Contains polyols

Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.


250 g

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Steviala powdered sugar with orange flavor

Steviala Frost with orange flavour! Yes, our powdered sugar substitute has no less than 4 brothers or sisters! And 1 of them is Steviala Frost with orange aroma. Are you also a fan of orange flavour? Then this sweetener powdered sugar substitute from Stevia with orange flavour is really something for you! The Steviala Frost Orange is the newest addition to our range. Do you want to give your baking a fresh, fruity and above all sweet taste? Then the Steviala Frost Orange is perfect. Due to the very fine structure, you can use this powdered sugar substitute in recipes such as this sugar-free orange panna cotta. Or how about a sugar-free glaze with an orange flavor over these low carb orange cookies? So you can use the Frost Orange in a variety of ways. That will be fun anyway!

Enjoy in a sugarfree way!

You would almost doubt it. The sweetness of the Steviala Frost with orange flavour is not inferior to ordinary powdered sugar. In fact, our sweetener icing sugar from Stevia with orange flavour is twice as sweet as regular icing sugar. Does a recipe call for 100 grams of powdered sugar? Then you only need 50 grams of Steviala Frost Orange! This way you save in quantity of the product and you last longer with a packaging. That will be double sugar-free enjoyment! And did you know that you can also make sugar-free glaze with this sugar substitute? Mix with some water or milk, let it harden and enjoy!

The benefits of Steviala Frost Orange

With the Steviala Frost Orange you can make the tastiest sugar-free recipes. All Steviala products are made exclusively with sweeteners of natural origin. No artificial sweeteners or fillers such as sucralose or maltodextrin have been added. The Steviala Frost Orange consists of only steviolglycosides from Stevia, Erythritol and natural orange aroma. This means you don't have to worry about fluctuations in blood sugar or sugar dips. Just carefree enjoying powdered sugar substitute with orange flavour. People who want to avoid sugars can therefore safely use this powdered sugar substitute. It therefore also fits in a low-carb or low-sugar diet.

Also new in our range: Steviala Frost Lemon, Cinnamon and Vanilla. It's your choice which flavours it will be!

The Steviala Frost Orange is now available in our webshop and comes in a handy resealable bag of 250 grams.

Steviala Frost Orange can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Wat een heerlijke smaak explosie

    Written by Karin Pauw on 11-10-2021
    Ben Fan, lekker, mooi van smaak en een absolute toevoeging in je poedersuiker gebruik!! Top en te gebruiken bij heel veel verschillende soorten baksels, wafels, Pancakes…. En wat dacht je van je oliebolletjes