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Sweet drops mint

Sweet drops mint

0,00 kJ / 0 kcal / 100 ml
0 g /100 ml
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g /100 ml
0 gr /100 ml
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0 g /100 ml
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0 g /100 ml


Purified water, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavor.




30 ml

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Sweetener drops from Stevia with mint flavour

Mint is a very popular flavour in tea. Not surprising, because it tastes nice and sweet and refreshing. You no longer need to add mint leaves and sugar to the tea. Instead, add 1 or 2 sweetener drops from Stevia with mint flavour. Be surprised by the delicious sweet taste, without adding calories or carbohydrates.

On a hot day, the liquid sweetener from Stevia with mint flavour also tastes delicious in a glass of (carbonated) water. You can make a healthy and refreshing thirst quencher in no time.

A drop of Steviala mint tastes as sweet as a gram of sugar. Yet this product contains no sugars and calories at all. Ideal if you would like to pursue a sugar-free or low-carb diet.

Sugar substitute with sweetener of natural origin

The sweetener drops from Stevia with mint flavour contain water, sweetener: Steviol glycosides from Stevia, natural aroma, vitamin C and glycerine. This sugar substitute from sweetener of natural origin has no influence on the glucose level in the blood and contains no calories.

The sweetening power of sweetener from Stevia is normally greater than that of sugar. But these drops contain only a small amount of Steviol glycosides from Stevia. This means that the sweetening power of 1 drop of liquid sweetener from Stevia is equal to 1 gram of sugar. You only need a few drops to give your drink a nice sweet taste. The Steviala drops with mint come in a 30 ml dropper bottle. Keep it in a cool place after opening.

Tip: also try other flavours such as natural, apple, blueberry or pineapple, coconut or liquid sweetener drops from Stevia with lemon flavour. Delicious to make a sugar-free lemonade or to use in all kinds of hot and cold dishes.

Sweet drops mint can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Geen muntsmaak

    Written by Monique on 12-06-2023
    Ik proef alleen maar een zoetje en in het geheel geen munt.
  • Zo verrassend lekker

    Written by Angélique Ronsse on 23-09-2020
    Deze druppels zijn echt fantastisch ! Drink je niet graag gewoon water, kan je wat van deze druppels toevoegen en heb je heerlijk muntwater. Ook in gerechten komt deze muntsmaak tot zijn recht.
    Grote fan van!