Liquid stevia drops

Liquid stevia drops

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  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Natural sugars
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Low carb
  • 0 suikers
0 kcal / 0,00 kJ / 100 ml
0 gr /100 ml
0 gr /100 ml
0 gr /100 ml


Purified water, vegetarian glycerine, sweetener: steviol glycosides RA98%, acidifier: malic acid.




100 ml

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Liquid stevia is a sugar substitute that you can use to sweeten cold or hot drinks. Think of cappuccino, coffee or tea, but also, for example, to make delicious lemonade. Also, a recommendation that I can give: put a few drops of our liquid stevia drops in Greek yoghurt, quark, oatmeal porridge or rice porridge. Delicious feast! In addition, you can use liquid stevia drops for cooking and baking. Infinite possibilities with the liquid stevia drops from Steviala.

Liquid stevia drops in many flavours

This liquid stevia sweetener is available in various flavours or natural. From white chocolate, strawberry and raspberry to caramel, butterscotch and bourbon vanilla. In addition, Steviala also offers liquid stevia in more exotic flavours such as banana, coconut or pineapple. What is your favourite liquid stevia drops flavour? Choose and enjoy!

Liquid stevia: a healthy alternative to sugar

The sweetening power of 1 drop of liquid stevia is comparable to 1 gram of sugar. This sweetener is safe to use and also suitable for use in all kinds of hot or cold dishes. Stevia sweetener is a sugar substitute that contains no calories and is completely sugar-free. Our liquid stevia has a glycemic index of 0. This makes it suitable for diabetics and people who want to watch their weight. In addition, it does not cause tooth decay, so the drops can also be consumed by children. They often love lemonade that you can make with just a few drops in a glass of water thanks to the liquid stevia drops.

How to use liquid stevia

So you can add liquid Stevia drops to everything. Just think of custard, smoothie, Greek yoghurt or milkshakes. If you choose them in one of our many flavours, they are also delicious seasonings for sugar-free recipes. For example, how about strawberry drops in these low-carb strawberry vanilla cupcakes? What is your favourite flavour from no less than 30 different flavours of our liquid stevia?

Liquid stevia drops can you use in these sugar free recipes

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  • Ideaal

    Written by Annemarije Vroegindeweij on 9-11-2020
    Ideaal veelzijdig en natuurlijk product om te gebruiken in oprecht alles! Kwark, Cake, Muffins, Koekjes, Ijs, Fluffs. Mijn oma doet het ook in haar koffie!
  • Geweldig product!

    Written by Benji on 12-10-2020
    Geweldig product, ik ben fan!

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