Sweet drops cinnamon

Sweet drops cinnamon

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Purified water, sweetener steviol glycosides (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavouring.




30 ml

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Stevia cinnamon flavour shots

These Steviala stevia cinnamon flavour shots are ideal for sweetening and flavouring pastries or, for example, cinnamon cookies. The stevia drops add a nice sweet taste, in combination with the flavour of cinnamon. They are also very tasty on an apple, which you then bake in the oven, or in an apple pie or even in coffee. In addition, you add sweetener and cinnamon without adding the extra calories to a dish. You can vary endlessly with the liquid stevia cinnamon flavour shots.

Tip: add the stevia cinnamon drops to yoghurt or quark with pieces of baked apple or pear. This way, you can put a tasty and healthy dessert or snack on the table in no time. Even small children will enjoy this.

Our liquid stevia sweetener with cinnamon flavour contains steviol glycosides (98%), water, natural flavour, vitamin C and glycerine. The drops are just as easy to use as sugar. 1 drop is as sweet as 1 gram of sugar. This product fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle and is also very suitable for children and diabetes patients. In addition, the stevia drops have no influence on your blood sugar levels and do not cause tooth decay. Everyone will enjoy these stevia drops!

Use liquid stevia

When we talk about stevia powder, the sweetening power is often much greater than that of regular sugar. This is different with this liquid form. You will need a few drops to give a drink or dish a nice sweet taste.

Steviala stevia cinnamon drops are available in a resealable plastic dropper bottle. In addition, this makes the drops very easy to dose. Keep them cool after storing.

In addition to the liquid stevia cinnamon drops, we also offer other flavours like coffee, caramel, vanilla-bourbon, white chocolate, raspberry or coconut. Which is your favourite? There is plenty of choice!

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