Steviala 2 Sweet

Steviala 2 Sweet

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Sweeteners steviol glycosides and erythritol




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Steviala 2 Sweet

Steviala 2 Sweet is a new sugar substitute without the addition of maltodextrin and/or other chemical sweeteners. Maltodextrin contains carbohydrates and is only used as a bulking agent to provide the cheapest possible "stevia" products. In addition, so-called stevia products with maltodextrin are relatively expensive to use.

Steviala 2 Sweet is a sweetener that contains steviolglycosides and erythritol. The structure is slightly finer than Steviala Kristal Sweet. You could say that the structure is between the Steviala Frost and the Kristal Sweet. The taste is also slightly sweeter than the Kristal Sweet, so you need less of it.

You can use this new sugar substitute in both hot and cold dishes. Think of pancakes, cake, quark, waffles, fresh fruit and so much more! In addition, you can also bake with it up to 200 degrees celsius. Steviala 2 Sweet extra fine granulated sugar substitute contains no net carbs, making it also suitable for diabetics. Replace 200 grams of sugar with 90 to 100 grams of Steviala 2 Sweet and enjoy!

Healthy sugar substitute

Steviala 2 Sweet contains no calories, sugars or carbohydrates that are absorbed in the body. This makes this table-top sweetener ideal for anyone who finds a healthy lifestyle important, but also who likes tasty and sweet food! This sweetener is also suitable for diabetics because it does not affect the blood sugar levels.

Use table-top sweetener Steviala 2 Sweet

The new sweetener remains stable when heated up to 200 degrees celsius, making it very suitable for cooking and baking. You can use it in both hot and cold dishes. For example, think of cakes, cookies, pancakes and waffles. But you can also sprinkle it over some fresh fruit to make it a bit sweeter. Go wild in the kitchen with our Steviala 2 Sweet without feeling guilty.

Another plus, it is sweeter than regular sugar. So you need less of it and it lasts much longer! Let us know how you are going to use Steviala 2 Sweet! Do you bake with it or do you put it in your coffee or tea? Let us know on social media!

What our customers say

  • Geweldig!

    Written by Ilona Gundlach on 25-10-2021
    Sinds kort bekend met deze 2 sweet, maar ik vind hem fantastisch merk dat ik hem steeds vaker ga gebruiken :)
  • Magnifiek!

    Written by Sylvia Van der Velden on 23-09-2021
    Dat is het woord wat er bij dit product past.. Combinatie tussen structuur frost en kristal.. Lekker zoet en aangezien 2 sweet is doe je er ook lekker lang mee. Prijs is het zeker waard.
  • Annemarije Vroegindeweij

    Written by Annemarije on 28-06-2021
    Een geweldige combi van Kristal Sweet en Frost! Heel geconcentreerd ook!!
  • Nieuwe favoriet!

    Written by Joyce van meeuwen on 14-06-2021
    De 2 sweet is zeker een nieuwe favoriet van me! Ideaal om mee te bakken én waanzinnig om ijs mee te maken ook, qua structuur tussen kristalsuiker en poedersuiker in. Deze zoetstof werkt perfect voor ijs ook aangezien het er romig van wordt en niet met hard ijslaagje!Geweldige smaak én je kan er lang mee doen, want meer zoetkracht dan gewone suiker! Ik ben fan!

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