Sweet drops pineapple

Sweet drops pineapple

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  • Vegan
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • With sweetener of natural origin
  • Sugar free
0,00 kJ / 0 kcal / 100 ml
0 g / 100 ml
of which saturated fatty acids
0 g / 100 ml
0 g / 100 ml
of which sugars
0 g / 100 ml
0 g / 100 ml
0 g / 100 ml


Purified water, sweetener steviol glycosides (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavouring.




30 ml

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Sweet drops pineapple

Steviala liquid stevia drops with pineapple flavour are simply delicious! How can you use these stevia drops? You can use them in your smoothie, quark or milkshake. They give your dish a nice sweet taste of pineapple, without having to add sugar. Or you can make a delicious, sugar free and refreshing pineapple lemonade with it. You can easily do this by adding a few drops of the stevia drops to a glass of water. This is delicious on a hot summer day, but also if you want to drink something other than regular water.

Stevia drops fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. These sweeteners do not contain any sugars. In addition, they are available in all kinds of delicious flavours, including strawberry, forest fruits and banana. This exotic flavour is definitely worth a try.

Liquid stevia pineapple drops

Steviala stevia drops with pineapple flavour contain 98% steviol glycosides, water, natural aroma, vitamin C and glycerine. Scientific research has shown that stevia is safe to consume. For example, it contains no sugars or carbohydrates and the glycemic index is 0. As a result, these stevia drops have no influence on blood sugar levels. Our stevia drops with pineapple flavour are therefore very suitable for people with diabetes and people who want to limit their sugar intake for other reasons.

Our liquid stevia drops with pineapple flavour comes in a resealable dropper bottle of 30 ml. This allows you to dose the sweetener very accurately and you do not use too much of the product. 1 drop of stevia is comparable to 1 gram of sugar, so the drops are very convenient to use. After opening, keep the bottle in a cool place to ensure its quality.

Pineapple is one of the many flavours in our liquid stevia drops range. In addition to the flavour of pineapple, you will also find stevia drops with the flavours of cherry, banana, apple, almond and white chocolate. Or try our liquid sweetener in the flavours mint, strawberry, coconut, forest fruits, raspberry or cola. Eating healthy has never been so fun and easy!

What our customers say

  • Ideaal in smoothies en het maken van ijs, Super lekker!

    Written by Liesbeth Verweij on 29-04-2022
    -Heerlijk van smaak. Ideaal als smaakmaker!
  • Intens lekker

    Written by Annemarije on 27-11-2021
    Wow heel blij verrast door deze smaak! Intens lekker
  • #geendagzondersteviala

    Written by Faat on 24-12-2020
    In mijn keto lifestyle past geen ananas.
    Met deze druppels kan ik er toch weer van genieten!!
  • Ananas smaaksensatie... The love for exotic flavours

    Written by Chloë on 23-09-2020
    Heerlijk deze sweetdrops in ananassmaak.... Ik doe ze door mn smoothies, mn Griekse yoghurt pimp ik er ook mee, als je van ananas houdt een AANRADER... Bedankt Melissa

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