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Home of a Foodie: order healthy and delicious cakes!

Home of a Foodie: Double Sweet

Today we want to put Yara, from Home of a Foodie, in the spotlight. Yara makes super beautiful, delicious, sugar free and healthy cakes and other baked goods.

As a little girl, you often could find Yara in the kitchen making the most delicious creations. She helped baking pancakes, rolled apple pie dough and whipped cream. In 2015, she discovered the Personal Body Plan. A plan that ensures you become the best version of yourself. As a result, Yara discovered her passion for baking and since then she spends even more time in the kitchen.

Healthy pies and cakes

Instead of unhealthy cakes full of sugar, cream and butter, Yara makes healthier versions. Tasty pies and cakes that can even be eaten for breakfast, it sounds almost like too good to be true. But it's not! With Home of a Foodie, Yara hopes to inspire and introduce her followers to responsible baking of pies, cakes, snacks and more. On her website you will find many recipes that show that tasty and healthy food go well together and are super easy. In addition, the recipes are all healthy. That means: low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free and/or lactose-free.

Ordering cakes

On the Home of a Foodie website you will find many recipes to make the most delicious cakes and pastries yourself. If you are not a kitchen princess or if you want something extra special for once, order a cake at Home of a Foodie. Yara makes the most wonderful creations. From beautiful drip cakes that are very popular now to cupcakes and other sweet treats. They are available for every occasion. Super fun if you are celebrating a baby shower, any party, wedding, birthday or any other celebration soon. And how about a children's party? How fun is it to treat cupcakes in your child's favorite theme.

Yara makes all cakes and other baked goods by hand with patience, passion and love.

Cakesmash photo shoot

Have you ever seen pictures of a cakesmash? Super fun to do when your son or daughter turns 1 year old! Let your child mess her heart out with a beautiful cake, while professional photos are taken in the meantime. A special memory with a unique keepsake for later. Yara from Home of a Foodie offers festive and fully catered cakesmash photo shoots. Including a beautiful cake and a professional photographer. This will make your little one's first birthday extra special.

She will make a cake especially for the photo shoot. In addition, you can choose what it will look like: in the colors you like. Of course any allergies will be taken into account.

Are you curious about the beautiful creations of Home of a Foodie, follow Yara on Instagram.