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Steviala in the picture

Steviala in the picture!

Nowadays, you can see our Steviala products almost everywhere! In different magazines or well-known websites like These articles already appeared on this website with the latest news in the supermarket and food world.

stroopvervangers van steviala

Steviala: Unique syrup substitutes in different flavours

"Steviala, specialized in sugar substitutes, chocolate, chocolate spread and numerous other products with only sweeteners of natural origin, is launching something totally new. Namely four delicious syrup substitutes and that without added sugars or without sweeteners!"

Sweet syrup from Steviala - Without added sugars or sweeteners

"Are you a sweet tooth and love to use syrup on your pancakes? Can you intensely enjoy a bowl of quark with honey and absolutely not say NO to a piece of cheesecake? No problem, because with Steviala's sauces and syrups, you can now do so without added sugars or sweeteners. The high-fiber syrup substitutes are naturally sweet from fiber."

steviala stroopvervangers
stroopvervangers steviala

Steviala winning awards at the Healthy Innovation Awards

"Because of her hypersensitivity to artificial sweeteners, Melissa Dumon developed syrup substitutes based on fructo-oligosaccharides. Consumers placed her syrup substitutes in second place. Dumon did not see this coming and is extremely pleased with the consumer recognition."

Delicious syrup substitutes without added sugars or sweeteners

"Being sensitive to sugar and sweeteners but still happy to eat a pancake with syrup or yogurt with fruit sauce. For a long time, that was difficult. But when extracts from the Stevia plant were permitted in the EU, Melissa Dumon seized her chance and founded Steviala. Since then, her product range consists of various sweets with sweeteners of natural origin and syrup substitutes without added sugars or sweeteners. Four of these syrup substitutes have now been nominated for the Healthy Innovation Awards."

steviala gezonde innovatie awards