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7 x tastiest sugarfree pancake recipes from Steviala

What is more delicious than breakfast with pancakes? A pancake recipe without added sugars of course! That's why we have listed the 7 tastiest sugarfree pancake recipes for you! Have a look and choose your favourite one(s)!

Sugarfree pancake recipes

What exactly do we mean by sugarfree pancakes? Completely sugarfree will unfortunately never work. After all, products do contain naturally occurring sugars. For example, milk, wheat flour or almond flour contain naturally occurring sugars. When we talk about sugarfree pancakes, we are talking about pancakes without added sugars.

Want to give a nice sweet taste to your pile of pancakes? Then try Steviala's sugar substitutes. With the Steviala Kristal Sweet sugar substitute based on sweetener from Stevia and Erythritol you can make the most delicious pancakes. Then pour one of our syrup substitutes without added sugars or sweeteners on top and the pancake party can begin!

Looking for pancake recipes inspiration? We made a list with the 7 tastiest sugarfree pancake recipes!

maple pancakes for one

Maple pancakes for 1 person

This is an ideal recipe for when you are on your own and feel like a delicious stack of pancakes. With this recipe, you make exactly 1 serving! So no leftovers and eating a stack of pancakes without feeling guilty. You don't say no to that, do you? In addition, use our Steviala Magical Maple syrup substitute as a topping and you can start enjoying.

Sugarfree chocolate chip poffertjes

Poffertjes are secretly just little pancakes, right? With this recipe, make your own delicious sugarfree chocolate chip poffertjes with Steviala Dark Chocolate Chips. Then top it off with Steviala Caramel Crush salted caramel syrup substitute and Steviala Frost powdered sugar substitute. Trust us, you really won't miss the real sugar.

sugarfree chocolate chip poffertjes
Suikervrije aardbeien pannenkoeken

Sugarfree strawberry pancakes

A nice fresh and fruity recipe! Follow this recipe and you will make the most delicious sugarfree strawberry pancakes. These are deliciously sweet pancakes with real strawberries in the pancake batter. Of course, served with Steviala Supreme Strawberry strawberry syrup substitute. This is a syrup substitute with almost 25% real strawberries! Strawberry heaven on your plate!

Low carb American pancakes

A classic! Of course, these low carb American pancakes can't be left behind in this list of sugarfree pancake recipes. Our favorite topping? The Steviala Oh' Choc! chocolate topping, sauce and spread in 1 of course!

low carb american pancakes
low carb chocolate poffertjes

Low carb chocolate poffertjes

Another delicious poffertjes recipe; these low carb chocolate poffertjes are just a little bit different than regular poffertjes. In addition, delicious with a layer of Steviala Frost powdered sugar substitute. Enjoy this chocolate heaven!

Low carb pancakes with vanilla

With this sugarfree pancake recipe, you're always right! Low carb pancakes with vanilla flavour. You'll make everyone happy with that. Or will you just keep this stack of sugarfree pancakes for you and eat them all by yourself? In addition, serve the pile of pancakes with your favorite Steviala syrup substitute and enjoy!

low carb pancakes with vanilla
low carb coconut poffertjes

Low carb coconut poffertjes

Finally, we end this list with another delicious stack of poffertjes! These low carb coconut poffertjes are highly recommended for all coconut lovers. You can make these poffertjes with the Tefal Snack Collection with poffertjes plates, or do you go for the old-fashioned poffertjes pan?

Have you made any of these pancake recipes? And are you as enthusiastic as we are? Let us know via social media! Take a nice picture of your pancake creation and tag @steviala!