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Buy Steviala sugar substitutes

Buying Steviala sugar substitute: what is it exactly?

Buying sweetener from Stevia in granulated form, that's choosing a delicious Steviala sugar substitute instead of ordinary sugar. Everyone eats an average of 40 pounds of normal sugar every year. For you maybe nothing wrong with that, but some people need or want to avoid sugars. When does one use sugar or what is sugar used for? In a lot of products, even more than you might think.

Like scoops of sugar in the coffee, in the syrup waffle with a cup of tea and it is even in the chicken breast on your sandwich and canned kidney beans. Therefore, even those who want to eat less sugar will find that sugar creeps into your diet (almost) unnoticed. For the conscious sweet tooth, sweetener from Stevia, a sugar substitute derived from a plant from Paraguay, has been on the market since 2011. Approximately 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar and low in calories. So sweeteners from the Stevia plant are incredibly sweet. Many times sweeter than normal sugar. The sweetener from the Stevia plant also contains no calories, making it an excellent sugar substitute for many of us. The late approval of this sweetener in Europe was december 2011. And that was the beginning of Steviala.

What should you look out for when buying sweetener from Stevia sugar substitutes?

Unfortunately for consumers, not all products with sweetener from Stevia are the same. Because sweetener from Stevia is so much sweeter than sugar and therefore you need very little of it, some manufacturers add a "bulk" sweetener. They do this to give the product extra volume or to make it just as easy to use in the kitchen. Or to make the "sweetener from Stevia product" as cheap as possible.

Unfortunately, this way they also often combine this sweetener with the blood sugar-increasing maltodextrin, which means that the beneficial properties of sweetener from Stevia as a sugar substitute are immediately lost. In the supermarket many sweeteners from Stevia sugar substitutes are often mixed with bulk products such as maltodextrin, making the product contain only 3 percent sweetener from Stevia, so pay close attention to what you buy. Rather buy Steviol glycosides from Stevia in pure form? Then check out our Steviala powder!

Sweetener from Stevia sugar substitutes

Steviala sells both pure steviol glycosides and a mix of steviol glycosides without maltodextrin like our granulated sugar substitutes. For our sugar substitutes, we use the bulk sweetener Erythritol. In Steviala syrup substitutes, we use different types of fiber. In our granulated sugar substitutes, we will never choose Maltodextrin, because this is a product that as far as we are concerned is just a cheap bulk sweetener. For our syrup substitutes, however, we sometimes choose soluble fibers. This is because the legislation is very complicated regarding sweeteners and there are few other options to obtain a thick syrup substitute. Prefer a syrup substitute without added sugars? Then take a look at our Steviala Magical Maple! A delicious maple syrup substitute without added sugars!

At Steviala, we only sell sweetener from Stevia in granulated form and always without artificial sweeteners

Steviala stands for reliability and customer friendliness. We have a large and qualitative range of sweeteners from Stevia and many other sugar substitute products that you can buy.

For sweeteners, pure powder, liquid sweetener from Stevia natural or flavored and other sugar substitutes you are in the right place with us. And all with sweeteners of natural origin! In fact, we do not use any artificial sweeteners. We only settle for the highest standard. That is our attitude. We go for top quality. You do too, right?