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Diabetes and still delicious sweets thanks to sweetener from Stevia

Sweetener from Stevia, an excellent alternative to sugar

More and more people are discovering the benefits of this sweetener. I , Melissa and owner of Steviala, have diabetes. When I saw a Tele report about this sweetener at the end of 2011, my attention was immediately drawn. I wanted to know more about it. And that was the beginning of Steviala.

Glycemic index

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth from time to time. However, persons with diabetes like me can not just snack anything they like. Because my body does not regulate blood sugar properly, I have to pay very close attention to my diet. In other words, I have to pay attention to the so-called "glycemic index" of products. This means to what extent food affects blood sugar levels. Sodas, candy and other sugary products, among others, have a big impact on my blood sugar levels.

Sweetener from Stevia and diabetes

Soda and candy often contain a lot of sugar. Ingesting too much sugar causes my blood sugar levels to rise tremendously. For me, this has had a negative impact on my health. If you have too much sugar in your blood for too long, your blood can start to acidify. I experienced that unfortunately,. But the good news is, despite my diabetes, I can now enjoy sweet things again thanks to the sweetener from Stevia. And the best thing, it is a sweetener of natural origin.

Moreover, it contains absolutely no calories or sugars. So this sweetener is a safe sugar substitute for my diabetes. However, you must take into account the ADI of 4 mg per kilo per day. And that is about pure Steviol glycosides from Stevia, powder for example. Meanwhile, many products with this sugar substitute are already available. Think about candy, chocolate, cookies and even soft drinks are available with sweetener from Stevia as a sugar substitute.

Sweetener for cooking and baking

This sweetener is a real gift for me. I can cook and bake how much I want and whenever I like. Just think of these delicious low-carb vanilla strawberry cupcakes. Or use some sweetener from Stevia in a cup of tea or coffee. A dessert also tastes just that little bit better thanks to this sugar substitute. However, we recommend not to use too much pure sweetener from Stevia. This is because it comes from a special South American plant and is 300 to 400 times stronger than ordinary sugar. A little bit of Steviala powder is enough for a nice sweet taste.