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Buy Erythritol

You can buy organic Erythritol at Steviala. You can use it in sugarfree recipes as a sugar substitute. But you may also know Steviala Erythritol as Ery-Pure. This sugar substitute is GMO free and sugar free. Ery-Pure is suitable for baking up to 200°C.

Buy Erythritol, what is it exactly? It is a sweetener of natural origin and is also known as sugar alcohol or polyol. Ery-Pure is found in small amounts in some fruits, fermented products such as wine, cheese or mushrooms.

A crystallization process creates a product similar to granulated sugar. You can compare the sweetening power to 70% of that of sugar.

Erythritol as a sugar substitute has no effect on blood sugar levels and contains almost no energy. This is because your body partially absorbs Erythritol in the small intestine and mostly in the large intestine. In addition, you only absorb 70-90% of this sweetener into the blood. Your body then excretes it through the urine. Therefore, Erythritol does not cause flatulence or diarrhea as quickly as other polyols can. Consuming more than 0.66 grams of erythritol per kilogram of body weight per day can cause intestinal problems.

Buy Erythritol from Steviala

Our Erythritol is produced from organic corn in Europe. We didn't genetically modify it!

Erythritol from Steviala tastes deliciously sweet, has no bitter aftertaste and does not cause tingling on the tongue. This sugar substitute is free of gluten, wheat and soy. Erythritol is suitable for people with diabetes, those who want to watch their weight or in a low-carb diet. People who are fructose intolerant can also use the sweetener.

Recipes with Erythritol

Did you know that there are hundreds of sugar-free recipes with Erythritol on our weblog? Quickly go to our weblog with recipes and type Erythritol in the search bar. You will immediately find all the recipes you can make with Steviala Ery-Pure. Will you choose the sugar-free meringue cake with red berries? Or the low-carb marble cake or perhaps the sugarfree caramelized nuts?