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What is Stevia?

What is Stevia? This is a natural sweetener and is widely used in sugar substitutes. The sugar substitutes from Steviala also contain sweetener from Stevia of natural origin. In this blog we explain it all to you!

What is Stevia?

Stevia, or rather Stevia Rebaudiana, is a plant whose leaves have a sweet taste. The leaves contain the substance steviol glycosides. This substance gives a sweet taste to the leaves of the Stevia plant. So when we talk about Stevia, it's about the steviol glycosides, and not about the pure leaves of the Stevia plant. Pure Stevia may not be processed in food according to European legislation. However, you can make tea with it. Sugar substitutes, therefore, contain steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant.

Steviol glycosides are 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. It also contains no calories that are absorbed by the body. The human body cannot absorb steviol glycosides.

Is sweetener from Stevia safe?

Yes, you can safely consume the steviol glycosides from the Stevia plant. Since 2011, the European Union has authorized the addition of steviol glycosides to foods. In addition, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has established an acceptable daily intake (ADI) for all sweeteners. For example, the acceptable daily intake of steviol glycosides is 4 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. This concerns pure Steviol glycosides, for example in powder form. Pure sweetener from Stevia never contains any other ingredients so read the label carefully!

What is the best sweetener from Stevia?

Of course, we at Steviala choose our sugar substitutes based on steviol glycosides of natural origin! A favorite of many is the Steviala Kristal Sweet. This is a sugar substitute based on Steviol glycosides and Erythritol. The latter is also a natural sweetener. We also offer this sugar substitute in powdered sugar structure, called Steviala Frost. You will also find pure sweetener from Stevia in powder form. But also sugar substitutes in the form of tablets and liquid sweeteners in our webshop.

You can find the sugar substitutes from Steviala in our webshop. Are you as excited as we are? Be sure to follow us on social media and let us know what your favorite Steviala product is. We like that very much!