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Sweetener from Stevia vs. Sucralose: which sweetener and why?

Sweetener from Stevia vs sucralose: which sweetener should we use? Sucralose is a fairly old player in the sugar substitute market. You see it more and more often on ingredient lists of "sugar-free" products. But what exactly is the difference with sweetener from Stevia? In this article, we will discuss what sucralose exactly is, what the difference is with sweetener from Stevia and which sweetener we prefer to choose.

What is Sucralose?

Sucralose, also called the E number E955, is an artificial sweetener. Only since 2004 is it allowed to add sucralose to soft drinks and food products in Europe. Because sucralose is officially not sugar, manufacturers are allowed to make the sugar-free claim on the packaging. However, sucralose is indeed made from sugar. During the production process, chlorine atoms are added to the sucralose molecules. This makes sucralose an artificial sugar substitute. Also, sucralose is not absorbed by the human body. Our bodies simply do not have the ability to process this compound. Our body cannot digest or process the sucralose. Therefore, no calories are absorbed. Sucralose is mainly found in light and "sugar-free" diet products. Sucralose is nearly 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. Therefore, it is more beneficial for many food manufacturers to flavor their products with sucralose.

Sweetener from Stevia vs. sucralose sweetener

Unlike sucralose, sweetener from Stevia, or more correctly worded steviol glycosides, is a sweetener of natural origin. Sweetener from Stevia comes from and is extracted from the leaves of the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. Via a complicated process, the sweetener from Stevia is obtained or steviol glycosides. This sweetener provides a sweet taste. Like sucralose, steviol glycosides cannot be absorbed by our body. However, the difference with sucralose is that sweetener from Stevia is a sweetener of natural origin and is extracted from the Stevia plant. Both sweeteners are approved.

We choose sweetener from Stevia!

All table sweeteners or sugar substitutes from Steviala are based on sweeteners from Stevia and/or Erythritol and therefore contain no artificial sweeteners. So you can choose Steviala products if you like sweet. Because sweetener from Stevia is naturally sweet. Steviala's sugar substitutes are ideal for baking and cooking. And that without a weird aftertaste! Choosing Steviala sweetener in powder form means choosing a natural sweet taste! And that makes Steviala's sugar substitutes the best sweetener choice in our opinion.