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Ery Bronze brown sugar substitute by Steviala | 100% pure!

A delicious piece of apple pie, warm cinnamon rolls or spicy gingerbread cookies. What do these dishes all have in common? That's right, they are usually all prepared with brown sugar! Can you no longer enjoy this when you follow a sugar free or low carb lifestyle? Think again! With Steviala Ery-Bronze brown sugar substitute you give your recipes a wonderfully sweet yet natural taste. Steviala Ery-Bronze is completely natural and therefore contains no chemical sweeteners, such as sucralose or tagatose.

Steviala Ery Bronze brown sugar substitute is 100% pure

First, let's look at the ingredients of the Steviala Ery-Bronze brown sugar substitute. Our brown sugar substitute is made from 100% pure erythritol sweetener, fruit extract and natural flavours. The Ery-Bronze contains no sugars or carbohydrates due to this composition. Ideal if you follow a sugar-free, low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle.

So what exactly is 'erythritol' sweetener? Steviala Ery-Bronze contains pure erythritol. This is a so-called sugar alcohol or polyol. Erythritol is found in certain fruits, such as mushrooms or other fermented vegetables. Erythritol contains no calories and has no influence on blood sugar levels. It is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, the blood sugar levels will not react when consuming erythritol. This makes erythritol a very suitable sugar substitute for people with diabetes.

Erythritol has a sweetening power of 70% compared to regular sugar. Do you need 100 grams of sugar? Then use 130 grams of Steviala Ery-Bronze.

No chemical sweeteners like other brown sugar substitutes

The use of natural sweeteners is very important to Steviala. Take a look at our product labels. You will never find an artificial or chemical sweetener here. Steviala Ery-Bronze contains only pure erythritol sweetener, in combination with fruit extract and natural aromas for a delicious and full brown sugar taste. In addition, Steviala Ery-Bronze does not contain a bitter aftertaste.

This is also what distinguishes the Steviala Ery-Bronze from other brown sugar substitutes. There are many brown sugar substitutes available online. These brown sugar substitutes often consist of a combination of multiple sweeteners or bulk ingredients.

There are also brown sugar substitutes on the market to which molasses has been added. It often says on the packaging that it is a sugar-free product, but nothing could be further from the truth. Molasses is simply a type of sugar, derived from sugar beets. Molasses usually still contains about 50% real sugars.

The conclusion? Always read the label carefully if you are looking for a brown sugar substitute or shop the Steviala Ery-Bronze in our webshop.