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Sugarfree baking with Zonder Fratsen

Sugarfree baking with Zonder Fratsen

A few years back I came across Emily's account on Instagram, the wonderful power woman behind Sugarfree baking with Zonder Fratsen. Her optimism and amazing sugarfree cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and too many to mention made me send her a message.

Some time later, we started a beautiful collaboration and Emily started baking sugarfree with our delicious sugar substitutes with Zonder Fratsen and Steviala!

Who is Emily, the power woman behind Sugarfree Baking with Zonder Fratsen?

A child who loved and was passionate aboud food allready at a young age. At age 11, she went on a children's cooking class and regularly cooked and baked at home for the family. At 15, she got a part-time job in the kitchen of a nursing home. For six years she stood there happily cooking for the residents and then she knew for sure, Emily was going to be a cook! No sooner said than done, and after 4 years of hotel school, she was a true hospitality cook. However, she maintained an unhealthy lifestyle and thought she was too fat.... Emily took action and lost a whopping 65 kg! Meanwhile, she continued to enjoy sugarfree cakes, cheesecakes, pastries,....

From this passion then came her fantastic cook book "Bakken met Zonder Fratsen". I have the honor to own this wonderful book but unfortunately for you, this book is now sold out. But do not to worry, good news for you! Besides her book, Emily also has a great website where you can go for Sugarfree Baking with Zonder Fratsen.

Finding the right balance

As she phrases it herself, she is still searching for the right balance. Most of the time it goes fine but sometimes a little less... Several times a week she enjoys lunch or dinner in restaurants or at home with friends. Eating, and especially with friends, is on and on enjoyment for her. Fortunately, she likes healthy foods like fish and lots of vegetables. Try to add a lot of variety to your diet with lots of vegetables, fish, meat or a meat substitute. This way, you will ensure the right balance! Of course, exercising often is also a must, as well as a delicious sugarfree pastry from her wonderful website Zonder Fratsen!