Sugar free chocolate sauce by Steviala

Did you hear? Steviala now also sells a sugar free chocolate sauce! Steviala Oh' Choc! is a sugar free chocolate sauce that is sweetened with stevia sweetener. In this blog, we tell you more about the new favourite product of many Steviala fans!

We received a lot of questions about when there would be a Steviala chocolate sauce. Your wish is our command! That's how it happened and in December 2021 we launched the Steviala Oh' Choc!. This is a sugar-free chocolate sauce that makes every dish a party!

No artificial sweeteners

At Steviala we think it is important that everyone can enjoy our sugar free products. That is why the use of natural sweeteners is of great importance at Steviala. Sugar free really means sugar free. Just read a label of one of our products. You will never come across artificial sweeteners, such as maltitol or sucralose. We previously wrote a blog about the latter artificial sweetener in which we talked about the health disadvantages of this artificial sweetener that is extracted from sugar.

The Steviala Oh' Choc! is sweetened with only steviol glycosides. This is a sweetener of natural origin that comes from the stevia plant. In the production of Steviala products we only use the sweetest part of the stevia plant. As a result, sugar substitutes from Steviala are of high quality and you will not experience a bitter aftertaste as you may have tasted with other stevia products. This is because these types of products often use a different, less sweet and cheaper part of the stevia plant. When you order from Steviala, you order quality. This is also the case with this new sugar free chocolate sauce.

Chocolate fans pay attention!

Chocholics can indulge themselves when spooning this sugar free stevia chocolate sauce. Steviala Oh' Choc! contains both cocoa powder and chocolate aroma. The chocolate sauce, therefore, has a delicious full and creamy dark chocolate taste. In combination with the steviol glycosides, you can taste an incredibly tasty sugar free chocolate sauce that will make all chocolate fans happy.

Be happy with the Steviala Oh' Choc sugar free chocolate sauce!

Did you know that chocolate really makes you happy? And not just because it's so tasty! Chocolate contains the substances theobromine, phenylethylamine and serotonin. Fortunately, you don't have to remember those difficult names, just that they create a blissful feeling in your brain. So you literally become happy by eating chocolate! In addition, your brain also produces endorphins when you eat chocolate. This substance has a pain-relieving effect, inhibits adrenaline and reduces stress in the body. Even more endorphins are created when the chocolate starts to melt so nicely in the mouth. So with every bite of Steviala Oh' Choc! you will be happier!

Have we convinced you to buy the Steviala Oh' Choc!? Give it a try? Shop this sugar free chocolate sauce in our webshop!