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Sugar free chocolate sauce by Steviala

Make sugar free chocolate sauce

Always dreamed of a sugarfree chocolate sauce? That's possible! At Steviala you choose it all by yourself! Just take dark chocolate, preferably as dark as possible. Or cocoa as a base is also perfectly possible. Add some butter and cream to this. Take the cocoa or chop the dark chocolate into small pieces. Then bring the cream to a boil in a saucepan, bring it to a boil briefly and then remove from the heat. Then add the dark chocolate, butter, possibly some Steviala Frost and vanilla extract to the cream and keep stirring until everything has melted. There you go, this is how you get a delicious sugar free chocolate sauce to dream away from! But we at Steviala actually just have a ready-made choco sauce ready. What do you think of that? With only 4.9 grams of naturally occurring sugars per 100 grams! From now on we really know what to choose! You too?

Would you rather have a ready-made chocolate flavour sauce, spread and topping in 1 jar?

Have you heard? Steviala now also sells a chocolate flavoured sauce! The Steviala Oh'Choc! is therefore not a sugar free chocolate sauce, but a chocolate flavoured sauce, with a reduced carbohydrate content. And in addition, this sweetener is sweetener from Stevia. In this blog we tell you more about the new favorite product of many Steviala fans!

More and more often we were asked when or if there would also be a Steviala chocolate flavour sauce. Your wish is our command! So it happened and in December 2021 we launched the Steviala Oh' Choc! This is a chocolate sauce, chocolate spread and topping in 1 jar! With this you can turn every dish into a party! A delicious alternative to sugar free chocolate sauce! Have we made you curious yet? Then read on!

No artificial sweeteners

At Steviala we think it is important that everyone can enjoy our low sugar and sugar free products. In addition, the use of natural sweeteners is of paramount importance at Steviala. Sugar free means really sugar free. And low sugar means low sugar. And on top of that, we never work with artificial sweeteners. Just read a label of one of our products. You will never find artificial sweeteners like maltitol or sucralose. We previously wrote a blog about the latter artificial sweetener in which we explained more about our choice for sweeteners of natural origin.

The Steviala Oh'Choc! is sweetened with only steviol glycosides from Stevia and is a delicious alternative to sugar free chocolate sauce. This is a natural sweetener that comes from the Stevia plant. In the production of sweetener from Stevia products we only use the sweetest part of the Stevia plant. As a result, Steviala's sugar substitutes are of high quality and you will not experience a bitter aftertaste as you may have tasted with other sweeteners from Stevia sweetened products. This is because these types of products often use a different, less sweet and cheaper part of the Stevia plant. If you order from Steviala, you order quality. This is also the case with this new chocolate flavor sauce. And if you prefer a sugar  free chocolate sauce, you can simply make it yourself!

Attention chocolate fans!

Chocoholics can indulge themselves when spooning this pure chocolate sauce. The Steviala Oh'Choc! contains both cocoa powder and chocolate aroma. The chocolate sauce therefore has a delicious full and creamy dark chocolate taste. In combination with the steviol glycosides you taste an incredibly delicious sugar free chocolate sauce flavor that makes all chocolate fans happy. Great enjoyment for everyone! Don't you want that too? Have you got a craving for chocolate yet? Or have we already convinced you to buy the Steviala Oh' Choc! ? Shop this chocolate spread in our webshop! And have you already tasted it? Please let us know in a review! We really like it! We are already looking forward to it!