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Natural sugar substitutes, a tasty and healthy alternative

Many products contain sugar. Besides candy and cake, you can find it in bread, meat and chips. These are just a few products from a long list. Unfortunately, sugar is not so healthy for us and contains many calories. To live healthier, you could switch to natural sugar substitutes. Many people have already done this. What benefits do natural sugar substitutes bring? You can read all about it in this blog.

Alternative to sugar

Too much sugar is unhealthy for several people for many different reasons. For example, your sugar levels rise tremendously after eating a cake or pie, for example. Also not unimportant is the fact that sugar contains many calories. This increases the chances of having overweight, which is obviously not the intention. Fortunately, an alternative is now available in the form of natural sugar substitutes. This is because these natural sweeteners contain no calories and have also no effect on blood sugar levels. We are of course talking about the sugar substitutes and sugar free products of Steviala which only contain sweeteners of natural origin.

Natural sugar substitutes

Nowadays, fortunately, you don't have to look long for natural sugar substitutes. These include Palm sugar, maple syrup and sweetener from Stevia. Optionally, you could also use honey as a sugar substitute. This is because it is a natural sweetener that contains several antioxidants and minerals.  But palm sugar, maple syrup and honey still makes your blood sugar rise, only slower then other sugars. We from Steviala offer also sugarfree syrup substitutes or a honey flavoured syrup without added sugars or sweeteners or you prefer the sugarfree Maple syrup without added sugars?

Healthy lifestyle with sweetener from Stevia

In our online shop, we offer various sweeteners from Stevia and sugar-free products. With our natural sugar substitute, you choose a healthier lifestyle. After all, your body gets much less sugar and calories. What is remarkable about sweetener from Stevia is that it sometimes has a bitter aftertaste. At Steviala, we only work with the sweetest and most expensive component of the Stevia plant. As a result, our sugar-free products and natural sugar substitutes do not taste bitter. Our Steviala sweetener from Stevia is also ideal when you need to bake something sweet in the kitchen, such as delicious biscuits. With Steviala Frost, for example, you can make sugar-free icing. Much healthier and just as tasty as 'real' icing. It is very similar to ordinary icing sugar and tastes just as sweet.

Sweetener from Stevia

Almost everyone, from young to old, benefits from natural sugar substitutes such as sweetener from Stevia. This allows diabetic patients to still enjoy sweets, as their blood sugar levels rise less when using sweetener from Stevia than with regular sugar. As a result, they are less likely to feel tired after eating sweets and need to inject less insulin. Also very nice about these sugar substitutes is that you can also give something sweet to the children with peace of mind. However, do of course pay attention to the ADI! Moreover, after taking this substitute, children are likely to show less hyperactive behaviour than when they ingest regular sugar. So everyone can enjoy Stevia sweetener!