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Buy liquid sweetener from Stevia from Steviala

Liquid sweetener from Stevia by Steviala is a sweetener that you use to sweeten cold or hot drinks. Think of coffee and tea, but you can also make delicious lemonade with it. Also delicious: a few drops of liquid sweetener from Stevia in yoghurt, cottage cheese, rice porridge or oatmeal! In addition, you can use liquid sweetener from Stevia for cooking and baking up to 200°C. The possibilities are endless.

Liquid sweetener from Stevia in many flavors

Liquid sweetener from Stevia from Steviala is available in a variety of flavours and has no bitter aftertaste. You can choose between strawberry, white chocolate, caramel or Steviala drops bourbon vanilla. We also have liquid sweetener from Stevia in more exotic flavours in our range, such as coconut, pineapple and banana. Or do you prefer our Steviala drops butter cake flavour? Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy!

Buy Steviala liquid

Add Steviala liquid in custard, cottage cheese, yoghurt or in your smoothie. You can also use it to make delicious, healthy, calorie-free and sugar-free soft drinks. Or try a few drops of liquid sweetener from Stevia in hot drinks like coffee or tea. But you can also bake with it up to 200°C. For example, make delicious syrup waffle ice cream with the syrup waffle drops. Or the butter cookie drops to make delicious sugar-free butter cookies. Or do you prefer a fruit flavor such as banana or forest fruit? In short, choose the flavour of your choice! Liquid sweetener drops from Steviala with natural flavours come in a variety of flavours. Which one is your favorite? Choose your favorite flavour here!

Tip: Steviala liquid is measured according to taste. Try a few drops first, you can always add more. In a glass of water or cup of coffee, you obviously use fewer drops than in pastries. Personally, I work with pinches and not drops. Baking with Steviala drops? Then use at least twice as many drops depending on baking time and oven heat.

Liquid sweetener from Stevia by Steviala, the ideal sugar substitute

Liquid sweetener from Stevia natural or choose from more than 33 flavours, a delicious sugar substitute that contains no sugars or carbohydrates. In addition, this sweetener is of natural origin. Also, the drops do not affect blood sugar levels, as they contain 0 sugars. Sweetener from Stevia by Steviala is a sweetener suitable for people who want to watch their weight. For example, in a low-carb diet.

Steviala liquid: a delicious alternative to sugar

Steviala liquid is safe and extremely suitable for use in all kinds of drinks and dishes. Sweetener from Stevia is of natural origin and contains no calories and is also sugar-free. In addition, liquid sweetener from Stevia from Steviala has a glycemic index of 0, making it suitable if you want to reduce your sugar intake or when dieting. Moreover, our drops are also vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free. So how about a sugar-free lemonade? Add some sweetener from Stevia drops to a glass of water and enjoy a delicious lemonade without sugar!

Tip: The smallest 30 ml bottles are handy to carry in your bag. Ideal if you are not such a water drinker and also want to quench your thirst on the go in a healthy way.