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Buy steviol glycosides from Stevia at Steviala!

Buy sweetener from Stevia at STEVIALA

Want to buy sweetener from Stevia or in other words Steviol glycosides from Stevia? Of course, you can do that at Steviala, here you can buy sweeteners from natural origin and quality sweeteners from Stevia, a delicious sugar substitute without a bitter aftertaste! If you buy a sweetener from Stevia, there are many things to consider.

What is sweetener from Stevia ?

Sweeteners from the Stevia plant have the collective name steviol glycosides, of which Stevioside and Rebaudioside A are the most common. These intense sweeteners are 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. They also provide no calories. Stevioside has a bitter aftertaste and is cheaper to purchase. Rebaudioside A is the least present in the leaf, tastes sweeter, but is also more expensive to purchase. Steviala only works with Rebaudioside A 98% which makes buying sweetener from Stevia seem more expensive with us.... Compared to many sweetener from Stevia products sold in the supermarket for example, these are mostly not economical in usage. They seem cheaper, containing less weight, mixed with Maltodextrine or bulk sweeteners and often also only as sweet as sugar. With Steviala you pay less for what you get. Our sweeteners are never mixed with Maltodextrine, sweeter then normal sugar and therefore also economical to use.

Buying sweetener from Stevia in the supermarket

Everyone knows Canderel or Natrena, both well-known brands in the supermarket. Natrena received the Golden Windei in 2013. Despite the claims "Stevia" and "sweet from nature" on the packaging, a can of Natrene Granulated Powder only contained 3% sweetener from Stevia. The rest is filled with maltodextrin, a cheap bulking agent that also contains carbohydrates. So, the  granulated powder is not calorie-free either. Yet Natrena still charged 3.79€ for the product in which you find only 1.35 grams of Stevia, according to Foodwatch.

Sweetening power

When you buy Stevia, the sweetening power and content of your sweetener from Stevia product is also very important:

Steviala Kristal Sweet 400 grams does not contain Maltodextrin but Erythritol, is 2 times as sweet as sugar and costs 12,95€ | 1,62€ per 100 gr of sweetness comparable to sugar.

Natrena Kristalpoeder 45 grams contains Maltodextrin: as sweet as sugar and costs 3,79€ | 8,41€ per 100 gr sweetness equivalent to sugar.

Canderel Green Stevia also contains cheap filler Maltodextrin. The jar contains 40 grams and is as sweet as sugar | 7,98€ per 100 gr sweetening power equal to sugar.

Rather buy pure Steviol glycosides from Stevia or sweetener from Stevia without Erythritol which also does not taste bitter? You can do that too! Take a look at our Steviala Sweet powder!


Companies sell steviol glycosides are not allowed to mention the name 'Stevia' on their packaging. So pay attention when you buy sweetener from Stevia! In the ingredients list, the official name (steviol glycosides from Stevia or E960) must be used. It should not refer only to Rebaudioside A (abbreviated RA) or Stevia leaf extract. However, there is an exception when buying sweetener from Stevia regarding Rebaudioside A. This statement is only allowed if it is pure Reb. A (> 95% pure). This means that your sweetener from Stevia product labeled with Rebaudioside A 95% is about 250 to 300 times sweeter than sugar and a product labeled Rebaudioside A 98% should be 470 times sweeter than sugar. Our Steviala STAR powder is an example of this. Steviala STAR powder contains Rebaudioside A 98% and 2% other steviol glycosides from Stevia.

In addition, the packaging of sugar substitutes must include the statement "table sweetener based on ..." This followed by the name or names of the sweeteners used in its composition. For example, "Table sweetener based on Erythritol and steviol glycosides from Stevia."

Dried Stevia leaves

To buy sweetener from Stevia in Europe, they filed two separate cases for the dried Stevia leaves and the steviol glycosides. The dried leaves fall under Novel Food legislation. They may not be processed in food products. However, you may have a cup of tea from the pure Stevia leaves. The steviol glycosides, on the other hand, fall under the Additives legislation and they approved it for use in some foods on November 12th 2011.