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Baking with Lot Beukers

Meet LADY LOT, the author of several cook books with delicious and healthy recipes. Do you already know her amazing cook books "the Bible from Beukers" or "Bakken met Beukers"?

Baking and cooking with Lot Beukers | Who is Lot Beukers?

The forever young and cheerful Lot is a talented, passionate author of several cook books packed with recipes without sugar. You probably know them, Bakken met Beukers, Bijbel van Beukers and Bikken met Beukers. And this last one is also an amazing cook book, I am one of the lucky ones who has this wonderful cook book! Don't know her books yet? Then I can only recommend to change that!

The Lot of today is not the same Lot of the past when it comes to nutrition. In fact, she used to drag around 30 extra pounds of weight and had a very unhealthy relationship with food.

After many trainings, courses and reading through books, she found not a "temporary" diet, but a permanent and appropriate switch in her lifestyle. With this modified lifestyle, she felt healthy and happy. Nutrition was no longer her enemy, but became her passion.

Baking with Lot Beukers: Sugarfree recipes

This passion began as a hobby on her Facebook and Instagram page Lot Beukers. It all started by posting sugarfree recipes and photos on social media. And much to her surprise, little by little Lot gained more and more followers and comments.

Because of everyone's enormous enthusiasm, LOT decided to have her sugarfree recipes compiled into several cook books: Bakken met Beukers and Bikken met Beukers. Then in December 2019, her third book was released, de Bijbel van Beukers, in which she will explain you all about food and the relationship with food: everything is about finding your balance. And of course, this bible is again full of amazing no added sugar and sugar-free recipes.

Want to know more about Lot's wonderful books? Take a look at Lot Beukers' website.

Feeling the urge to bake and want to get into the kitchen? Then quickly go to our sugar-free recipes.

Sugar substitutes for baking with Lot Beukers

A question Lot and I get asked so often these days is, which sugar substitutes do I use in Lot's books? Well, actually that is very personal, but the 2 most popular and versatile products are the Steviala 2 Sweet and Steviala Kristal Sweet, also favorites of Lot and myself. These sugar substitutes are 1.5 times to two times sweeter than sugar. You need a little less of the Steviala 2 Sweet than the Kristal Sweet and it dissolves more easily in cold dishes and ice cream because it has a slightly finer texture.

Prefer something less sweet? Then use Steviala Ery-Pure! Don't know the difference between these two sugar substitutes? You can read more in the blog difference Steviala Kristal Sweet and Ery-Pure! And finally, want to experiment even further with Steviala? Then take a look at our sugarfree sweetener from stevia syrup substitutes or get started with Steviala Frost, a powdered sugar substitute that you can also make sugarfree frosting with by adding a few spoons of water or milk!