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Sweet drops coffee candy

Sweet drops coffee candy

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0 gr / 100 ml


Purified water, vegetarian glycerine, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia RA98%, fruit acids, natural aroma.




30 ml

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Coffee candy sweetener drops

Coffee candy sweetener drops, a delicious, tasty and healthy alternative to sugar! And because this delicious coffee candy taste is so loved by kids, they will love it too! So definitely try these stevia drops with coffee candy flavour! These liquid stevia sweetener drops contain no sugar, no calories and do not cause tooth decay. This makes these drops popular with diabetes patients, people who watch their weight, but also people who simply eat sugar-free.

With stevia drops from Steviala you can easily make a tasty, sugar-free soft drink for everyone. Because these drops have a real coffee candy taste, they will love it! Add a few drops to a glass of (carbonated) water or milk and enjoy! In addition, these stevia coffee candy sweetener drops are also delicious in yoghurt, cottage cheese in a milkshake or how about a coffee candy smoothie?  And besides that, Steviala drops are also stable when heated, making them ideal to use in cakes and muffins.

Liquid stevia drops coffee candy

The liquid stevia drops with coffee candy flavour contain purified water, steviol glycosides (98%), flavour, vitamin C and vegetarian glycerine. This sugar substitute fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle.

We sell the Steviala coffee candy sweetener drops in a resealable dropper bottle. In this way, you can easily and accurately dose the sweetener, so you don't use too much quickly. Just a few drops of Steviala coffee candy sweetener drops are more than enough to sweeten a delicious hops milkshake or smoothie. A drop of stevia is comparable to the sweetening power of 1 gram of sugar. You do need a few drops for the full taste of coffee candy. Are you going to bake? Then use just a little more!

In addition to coffee candy, this sugar substitute is also available in various other flavours such as syrup waffle, cherry, and liquid stevia drops with lemon flavour. Which flavour will you choose today?

What our customers say


    Written by Annemarije on 1-06-2021
    "Hopjes brengt je terug naar je kindertijd " zegt mijn vader. Helemaal mee eens en ook echt top in fluff of in koekjes!!
  • #geendagzondersteviala

    Written by Faat on 24-12-2020
    Hopjes, wie kent ze niet! Vloeibaar van Steviala nog meer een aanrader. Zoooo lekker in de koffie bijvoorbeeld
  • Wowie aanrader voor de hopjes fan!

    Written by Joyce van meeuwen on 17-12-2020
    Dit is zo'n waanzinnig lekkere smaak druppels!!! Exact de hopjes smaak zoals je m kent! K ben in mn nopjes met de hopjes! Fantastisch ook om al een simpel bakje kwark een waar feestje te maken! Aanrader!!!