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Buying sweetener from Stevia more expensive than sugar?

Buy sweetener from Stevia, which is a sugar substitute of natural origin. It is a South American plant that contains many antioxidants, among other things. This reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Also, compared to regular sugar, sweetener from Stevia does not increase blood sugar levels. On the other hand, all these benefits do come at a price. Is buying sweetener from Stevia more expensive than sugar?

Buying sweetener from Stevia from the supermarket

People often think that a jar of sweetener from Stevia (STEVIA is often written in big letters on such a jar) from the supermarket is cheaper than if you were to buy from Steviala. First of all, such a jar should not even be called that as far as I am concerned because these jars often contain Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate, as the main ingredient! And secondly, I can tell you that Steviala is cheaper. People only look at the contents of such a glass jar which contains about 40 grams. That 40 grams is similar in mass to our 400 grams of Steviala Kristal Sweet.

Why is this? Because in these supermarket jars the main ingredient is Maltodextrin, a carbohydrate made from starch that is very large in mass. When you open such a jar you see a fine powder that immediately dissipates, don't know how else to describe this. Moreover, the sweetening power of such a supermarket jar is equal to sugar. So people actually pay around 3 euros I think for 40 grams of sugar substitute Maltodextrin with carbohydrates and the sweetening power of sugar.

At Steviala you pay 12,95€ for 800 grams of sweetening power and even with our pure sweetener from Stevia powders you are cheaper too! Do the math!

More sugar substitutes in the kitchen

You can find more and more sugar substitutes such as honey, coconut blossom sugar and sweetener from Stevia in the kitchen. This development is related to the increasing demand for healthy products and ingredients. In our webshop, you can find excellent sugar substitutes, such as Steviala Kristal Sweet (XTRA). We would like to offer you the highest quality sweetener from Stevia. Thus, we only use the best and sweetest part of the Stevia leaf, namely "Rebaudioside A 98%".  This sweetener, extracted from the leaf of the Stevia plant, is also known as steviol glycosides. And is sweetener from Stevia now more expensive than sugar? No! If you purchase pure steviol glycosides, no, because this sweetener is as much as 470 to 480 times sweeter than sugar!

No Maltodextrin

During the production process, agents such as Maltodextrin are avoided at Steviala. This white and cheap powder is found in many products because it is cheaper than steviol glycosides. Maltodextrin contains fewer calories than sugar but still contains carbohydrates. Unfortunately, it can have a negative impact on your health. For example, it causes unpleasant side effects such as obesity and allergies in some individuals.

Instead, we want to offer you a healthy alternative to sugar. That is why we do not sell a large jar of sweetener from Stevia with a filling of Maltodextrin that contains only little content and sweetening power. Instead, our range includes, for example, a pouch of Steviala Kristal Sweet for 12,95€. Indeed, the price of this seems higher but it is not. Read our article buy sweetener from Stevia at Steviala for more info. On the other hand, with Steviala you are also choosing a very healthy alternative to sugar or "sweetener from Stevia" and not Maltodextrin.

Buying sweeteners in the store

Imagine standing in the store and seeing a 40-gram jar of "sweetener from Stevia" on display. Maltodextrin has been used as a filler. The price of only 3.20€ makes you consider buying this remedy. However, remember that the "sweetener from Stevia" jar appears much fuller due to the addition of Maltodextrin. Instead of 40 grams, the jar seems to contain as much as 400 grams. Steviala is cheaper than most supermarket sweeteners. Plus, unlike at the supermarket, you know exactly what to expect. Stay alert when buying sweetener from Stevia!

Confusing prices when buying sweetener from Stevia

Thanks to increasing knowledge about sweeteners, more and more people decide to opt for the sometimes slightly more expensive but healthier alternative sweetener from Stevia. Nevertheless, people often only look at the price of a purchase.


The supermarket jar is cheaper to buy, but the sweetening power and content is a lot less, so you are still more expensive. So pay attention to that when you buy "sweetener from Stevia".

What would you do as a customer? Spend a little for a big supermarket jar whose contents of 40 grams seems as much as the 400 grams of Steviala Kristal Sweet? Right! So look carefully when buying sweetener from Stevia!