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Difference between stevia and Steviala

"I don't like Steviala, that sweetener has such a bitter aftertaste" is a common statement when talking about sweeteners. Unfortunately, many people mix up the sweetener from stevia and the brand Steviala. What is the difference between stevia and steviala? In this blog we explain it to you! In addition, we tell you why you don't have to worry about a bitter aftertaste with Steviala products.

The difference between sweetener from Stevia and Steviala

Sweetener from Stevia and Steviala are often confused. But what is the difference between sweetener from Stevia and steviala? Steviala is our brand name. We sell many products based on steviol glycosides under this name. This sweetener comes from the stevia plant. Hence the confusion between sweetener from Stevia and Steviala. When someone speaks of sweetener from Stevia, he or she refers to the sweetener that comes from the stevia plant. Is Steviala listed? Then it is about the brand Steviala. Do Steviala products have a bitter aftertaste? No, definitely not!

Steviala products have no bitter aftertaste

Steviala products do not have a bitter aftertaste. This is in contrast to many other sweeteners based on steviol glycosides. How is this possible? We use the sweetest part of the stevia plant in all of our sugar substitutes. The quality of this sweetener from Stevia is therefore much better than the sweetener from Stevia that you find with cheaper sweeteners. These cheap sugar substitutes often have a bitter aftertaste. In addition, they also contain bulking agents such as maltodextrin or sucralose. Unfortunately, many people have an unpleasant first experience with sweetener from Stevia. This is due to the common bitter aftertaste. But you don't have to worry about that with Steviala. Choose Steviala products and we assure you of sugar free goodies without a bitter aftertaste.

Our most popular sugar substitute based on steviol glycosides (and erythritol) is the Steviala Kristal Sweet and the Steviala 2 Sweet. Both sugar substitutes are 1.5 to 2 times as sweet as regular sugar. This means you need less of it. This way a bag of sweetener from Stevia lasts much longer! Steviala Frost, a powdered sugar substitute, is also loved by Steviala lovers. Or how about stevia sweetener with a nice taste? We also offer the Steviala Kristal Sweet and Steviala Frost in flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon. Shop our stevia sugar substitutes today in the Steviala webshop.