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Sweet drops tropical

Sweet drops tropical

0 kcal / 0,00 kJ / 100 ml
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0 gr / 100 ml
0 gr / 100 ml


Purified water, Sweetener: Steviol Glycosides from Stevia (RA98%), vegetarian glycerine, vitamin C, natural flavouring.




30 ml

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Stevia tropical flavour shots, enjoy without guilt!

Stevia tropical flavour shots, these are definitely worth a try! Especially if you love the taste of tropical fruits. And do you also want to watch your sugar intake? Then these drops are absolutely for you! Our liquid stevia tropical drops can be used for many different things.

You can turn your glass of water into a delicious soft drink with a tropical fruit flavour with just a few stevia drops. Or make a hot cup of tea without feeling guilty. Our liquid stevia tropical drops also taste great in your quark, smoothie or any other dessert.

And that's not all you can do with the liquid stevia tropical flavour shots! They can also be added to all kinds of sweet or savoury dishes. And you can bake with it up to 200 degrees celsius.

No inspiration? Then take a look at our recipes and enter 'Steviala drops' in the search box. Then you automatically find all of our delicious sugar free recipes that can be made with our tasty stevia drops.

How healthy are stevia flavour shots for you?

Are you a fan of the sweet taste of tropical fruits, but do you also want to watch your health? Then these stevia tropical flavour shots are perfect for you!

A drop of liquid stevia is approximately equal to the sweetening power of 1 gram of sugar. And it only takes a few drops to get a nice sweet drink. Or would you rather make ice cream with a tropical fruit flavour? Or are you going to bake with the drops? Then definitely use more drops to taste. Whatever you make, you can really do anything with it. The choice is yours!

Use our stevia tropical drops as a sweetener. The drops contain steviol glycosides. This is a sweetener of natural origin. In addition, this sugar substitute has no influence on the glucose levels in your blood. Another advantage is that it contains no calories and therefore also does not cause tooth decay.

As a result, these stevia tropical flavour shots fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. They also have no effect on blood sugar levels. This also makes it very suitable for people with diabetes.

In short, these drops are a delicious alternative for anyone who is looking for a tasty sugar substitute.

You can easily order the liquid stevia tropical drops online. And if tropical is not your favourite flavour, there are more than 30 other delicious flavours of our stevia drops!

Sweet drops tropical can you use in these sugar free recipes

What our customers say

  • Lekkere smaak en een echte summervibe

    Written by Annemarije Vroegindeweij on 11-04-2022
    Heerlijk tropische genieten!
  • Lekkere smaak en een echte summervibe

    Written by Annemarije Vroegindeweij on 22-12-2021
    Heerlijk om je saaie water meer smaak te geven! Maar we zijn nog veel meer mogelijkheden!
  • De zomer in je kommetje

    Written by Gaby Ivanova on 19-12-2020
    Ik associeer tropical met zomer. Een van mijn favoriete smaken. En niet alleen voor drankjes... Als je deze druppels in je kommetje met yoghurt doet en je ogen sluit dan waan je je in zomerse sferen. Lekker fruitig, zoet en geen grammetje suiker of andere nadelige stof. Een absolute aanrader om ook in de winter de zomer in huis te halen.